NFM TV is excited to sit down with two of our newest team members, Dana Gounaris and Ron Gosewisch, co-branch managers in Medford, NJ. Learn why these two mortgage veterans chose to join the NFM Family, how NFM’s technology played into their decision, and how this change benefits their business partners and clients.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Welcome into NFM TV, I am Greg Sher and so excited, these are the segments we just love, probably the most, when we welcome in huge groups to our growing family of lenders. And we’re going to Medford, New Jersey right now, where we welcome in two very distinguished leaders who are now part of the NFM family, Ron Gosewisch and Dana Gounaris. Welcome to NFM, thanks for being with us on NFM TV. Your first appearance.

– Thank you Greg.

– Thank you Greg.

– Really, really delighted to have you Dana, you’ve been in the business 19 years. Ron, you’ve been in the business 23, so you bring a wealth of experience to NFM. What was the process like of exploring a change Dana? And why did you land on NFM?

– Ron, I’ve been in the business for a while so we really knew what we were looking for and we interviewed some really big mortgage companies, some really small ones. With NFM, they were big enough where they have all the resources and great people that could support us, but they also weren’t too big, where our voices wouldn’t be heard. We actually felt like we really mattered to them in the interview process and for me, I know that’s why we were really pushing for NFM.

– And Ron, this is not your first dance with NFM, you’ve got some history with the company. Tell us about that and what kind of role that played in the decision.

– Absolutely, yeah, Greg to circle back on that, you know, why we chose NFM is because of the people. So super excited to plug back in and like Dana had mentioned, smaller, smaller company feel with every product and pricing that we need to be successful in a business. So we’re super excited to join the family.

– What can your referral partners expect now that you’ve looked under the technology-hood of NFM? And that’s an important word, right, because that’s where this business is headed, Dana?

– Yeah, I mean, NFM had every piece of technology that every big company that we interviewed had. We’re already seeing results of it, you know, with partnering up with agents, showing them what we have, they are really happy. So, you know, we’re excited. I mean I feel like we’re just scratching the surface of the tools, getting acclimated but we are very excited about the technology.

– Ron you’ve seen so much in your 23 years and the business has obviously changed tremendously since then, so technology is something that not every 23 year old industry veteran embraces. Where do you fall when it comes to technology in embracing the future?

– I mean, that is the future of this business 100% and we feel that NFM has the best platform possible for what we are looking to build, and we are super excited to share that with our referral partners and have already done so.

– Well I know Dana you’ve got big growth plans, so for those people that might want to make a change, what can they expect under your stewardship? What kind of support?

– Yes, so I think, you know, Ron and I are the type of leaders that lead by example. So we both been in this business as loan officers and at the highest level for, you know, me 19 years, Ron 23 so, you know, we show up everyday, we work really really hard and we produce results. So any loan officer that you now, is hardworking, that’s all about customer service, that wants to succeed, we can show them the path to do that. And those are the kind of people we wanna add to our branch.

– So Ron having said that, what kind of support do you LO’s get? Do they get assistance? Do they get leads? Do they get mentorship? What’s it look like for an LO doing three to five loans and wants to get to eight to twelve?

– I think the mentorship is probably the biggest thing that we are gonna bring to the table. Right, you know Dana and I have, you know obviously would stop to say that you’ve seen everything in this business, especially with the ever changing guidelines and, and how the world works. But I think the mentorship is gonna really, really help us, you know, build junior loan officers or small producers into very large producers and they are gonna be able to plug right into our system we’ve built and will and continue to build and operations department that will allow anybody to come in and sit down and be able to originate on day one.

– Dana Gounaris, Ron Gosewisch, thank you for spending time with us here on NFM TV, welcome to the family, we’re so excited to watch you soar here at NFM.

– Thank you Greg, we’re super excited. Thank you for having us.

– All right we’ll see you again soon. I’m Greg Sher, hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of NFM TV, we’ll see you again next time.