NFM Lending welcomes Superstar North Carolina Loan Originator Tonya May to the family. She puts her faith in NFM Lending’s continued ascent in the Charlotte, NC/Triad area.

Full Transcript is below:

– Welcome in to NFM TV, I’m Greg Sher, and I wanna give a very warm NFM welcome to one of our newest stars, Tonya May from the Triad area in North Carolina. Tonya joins us now live from the Greensboro, North Carolina area. Tonya, how are you?

– Good morning, Greg. I’m good. How are you?

– Oh, we’re so excited to have you. You bring 23 years of mortgage experience. I know you don’t take moving lightly. Why? Why NFM at this juncture in your career?

– Well, I enjoy the support that I saw from the NFM team. Just the support level from the Loan Officer level, which directly impacts our agents and that was a breath of fresh air, so I was excited to make that switch and that journey, and continue to grow and help my agents here in the Triad and also help the loan officers in the Triad to learn to enjoy this career, if they don’t already, and bring a bright new future into, or a fresh new excitement level into the Triad.

– Well you’ve got a lot of management experience, so I’m not surprised when you talk about elevating others. Fifteen years of management experience. I know at your previous company, where you just departed, you were a loan officer. Here you get to go back to your roots a little bit more in management. Talk about that a little bit and how excited you are.

– Oh I’m very excited about that. You know I think that when you can help others grow, develop and learn and you can give some of the experience levels that you’ve learned and developed over the years, to other great professionals in this industry. Be able to deliver that same level of experience. It’s just a reflection of who they are and what they bring to the community as well with our buyers and I’m excited about that. Excited to hear some of the knowledge I’ve learned over the years.

– And I should mention, you’re teaming up with The Taylor Group of NFM Lending. They’re in the Charlotte area, you’re in the Triad. Talk about the vision I know that you guys work so hard to create, which I know is one of the reasons that you decided to come to NFM.

– Yeah, I think just having the support group with another seasoned group of loan officers and professionals in the Charlotte area, that gives us more broad opportunity to really help the Carolinas, to bring a totally new level of experience that, you know, sometimes it’s not that easy trying to think outside the box for different borrowers and different ways that we can help the realtors to help those borrowers fit into a product. So, it’s always great to be able to bounce some ideas off of, you know, experienced people. And when you’ve got a group like The Taylor Group that came in, and again the energy level, that is new, exciting and fresh, you know, I think that’s definitely something that was needed here. So I’m very excited to partner with The Taylor Team and The Taylor Group and those guys up there and just see how high we take this.

– Yeah, all the way to the sky. I want to just mention that your social media profile is amazing. I love following you on Facebook and some other platforms. We’ve got your new contact information right up here below me, below you, so people now know how to get you via email and phone and also I’m gonna put your Facebook handle up as well so people can start to follow you and some of the really great things you’re doing on social media. Tonya May, Tonya May Group of NFM Lending. We’re really excited. Thank you so much for taking a few minutes of your time and your day to join us here on NFM TV.

– Absolutely, thank you.

– All right, we’ll talk to you soon, thanks so much.