We’re so excited to announce our Top Producer for October! This month we feature the lovely Jane Floyd from the Jane Floyd Team at NFM Lending in Tampa Bay. As a 28-year veteran in the mortgage business, Jane shares her life routines and her top 5 must-dos for LOs to always stay ahead of the game.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Where does the time go folks? It’s already October and it’s time again for yet another episode of NFM’s Top Producer Series. And this month, we travel 860 miles south to the Big Guava, better known as Tampa Bay, to talk with the unbelievably great Jane Floyd. Hi Jane!​

– Hi Jan!

– So Jane, since you’ve been with NFM, you have closed close to $470 million in volume for close to 1690 units. How does that make you feel?​

– Good, I’m excited!

– Yeah? I mean, it’s by far the best and you lead the ranks in everybody at NFM. So let me ask you a question. What separates you from the most, most people at NFM is really your energy and your enthusiasm. Can you kinda share where you find that?

– Sure so for me, I get my energy from… I have a morning routine, Jan. I start out every single day. I have my quiet time, I use this little five minute journal which isn’t extensive, but I go through gratitude, I go through prayer, I write down the top three things that I see happening today. And this is kinda cool, at the end of the day, you write down the top three things that happened and then really one of the most important things is what couldn’t I have done differently that day. So that starts my day. And then as you know, I’m a crazy workout person. For me that gives me more energy than anything. Even when I don’t feel like it, I work out every single day, Jan.

– So if I could ask you one question, what would you share is your five must do’s to be a successful loan officer? What would you tell me they are?

– Number one would be my calendar. I am… I’m addicted to my calendar. I don’t have much wasted space. Schedule prospecting time is absolutely critical. I pour myself into my people. And then probably one of the most important things whether you are a new agent, a new loan officer, or a seasons loan officer, I am diligent with follow up. I see that with my own loan officers and getting started in myself from all of the mistakes I’ve made, the follow up; everybody gets busy and then they don’t follow up. And then another thing, which goes into my morning routine but it doesn’t stop there Jan, is always learning and growing. I am always… If I’m not watching a podcast, I’m calling Shaun Hires to learn something about a particular thing. I’m always reaching out, really trying to educate myself. And then also just leadership, how to help my agents right? I keep mentioning agents Jan because for me, through my 28 year career, I’ve always been give or take 75% real estate agent heavy. And I believe to be a successful loan officer, you have to have, be in relationship with agents.

– I love it! Interestingly enough you talked about constantly prospecting. You’re a 28 year veteran in the mortgage business, yet you’re still doing grass root movement things like prospecting and keeping it green and doing the stuff that you did from the day that you walked in here. What is your stance on refinance and how do you tell a new person this is what you have to do to prospect and never give in to kind of the luxury of a hot refinance market?

– Okay, so… Through this refi craze and through the last, I’ve actually picked up agents Jan over the past 30 days because their loan officers that their in relationship with are ignoring them. So, obviously I have a big data base and I want to refi my clients. And so I kinda have a strategy on how I handle that when I was at capacity. But you just cannot I mean, you can and you can make a ton of money. But you’re not gonna have any business when this goes away, at the end the day. So you have to have that consistent prospecting time.

– I love it. And how much time a day do you set aside for prospecting?

– I’m averaging Jan about four, four and a half hours a day. In just pure prospecting whether that’s phone calls, face to faces with agents. Events, I do a lot of events Jan. I do a lot of lunch and learns. I do happy hours. I do classes. So a combination of all of that. Probably at least four and a half hours a day.

– Last question I’m gonna ask you Jane is, how does someone get their head around where do they begin to become a Jan Floyd.

– Okay so it’s all about the agents right? If I was a brand new agent and Jan, I still do this sometimes when I just wanna get more business, you gotta go to open houses. You gotta work Saturdays and Sundays. You gotta meet new agents. You gotta start that list. You gotta make the phone calls. Then it’s that extreme follow on whatever you told them that you were gonna do, you gotta do it. You gotta deliver. Then you leverage every person on that deal and it just snowballs. And then you have to be able to build a team. But until you can do that, when you’re still just averaging four to five loans a month till you can get to about that six loans a month for three months and then can get help, it’s all about your calendar. You gotta go back, you gotta say okay I gotta put all of these files together because I am the assistant. I am the loan partner right now. So for me, I get a lot of my quality prospecting time done in the mornings with calls, so that’s what I teach them. Get that done in the morning cause if you get those couple of hours in, then you block for interruptions. You block for returning phone calls. You set the clear expectations, with your client. When you’re gonna get back to them. And then you block the time for working on your files until you can build a team like I have. You know I have an amazing team, I would never ever ever be able to have 98% raving fan clients that we have if it weren’t for that team. So it’s just start with the beginning, I did it. If I can do it Jan, anybody can do it.

– Jane, you’re amazing. We can’t thank you enough here at corporate. When you joined in 2013, NFM was doing $700 million that year. When we fast forward to today, we’re gonna be doing over $3 billion and in large part it’s because of the revolution that you created when you joined the NFM family in 2013. So thank you for being our inspiration at NFM and leading us away into the purchase world. You are truly amazing.

– Thank you for the opportunity. I love it here.

– All right everybody. That wraps up another addition of NFM’s top producers. We thank Jane Floyd from Tampa Bay. Thanks for watching.