Branch Manager, Danny Banda, out of Phoenix, Arizona just led his team to a monster month in May and is setting all sorts of records so far in 2019. In his time at NFM Lending, Banda’s growth has been incredible and he has shown to be a rising star and leader among the ranks of the NFM elite. Watch as he joins NFM TV’s Greg Sher for an installment of the NFM Top Producer series and hear what Danny and his team attribute their quick growth and tremendous success to. It might surprise you.

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– [Announcer] Executive leadership. Industry news makers. Top producer insights. this is NFM TV.

– It’s that time again. One of my favorite segments at NFM T.V. And that is the Top Producer Series. Every month we go outside, and we focus in on the top originators and real estate agents around the country. Today, it’s one of our very own for the month of June. So happy to welcome in Danny Banda. He’s a branch manager in the Phoenix Arizona area. Gang busters out there. He’s just doing so great. Danny thanks for being with us.

– Thank you for the invitation, I’m honored.

– Yeah, we’re honored to have you, and so glad to have you at NFM. You just got through the month of May where you and your branch closed 6.3 million dollars in loan volume. 38 units, those are incredible numbers, congratulations. Tell us what some of the secrets are to your success.

– Well, one thing I’m super, super passionate about is service. We are continuing to provide great service. Continue to provide that great service is that NFM has a very good solid work flow. The files. There some good systems in place and good process in place. So our service didn’t skip a beat. I mean we’re continuing to get great five star reviews regardless of those numbers considering there was only four or five of us producing loan officers so. Yeah a lot of the success had to come from that from NFM having my back, pretty much.

– Yeah, well, we’re happy to have your back and your from the El Paso area originally and I know part of your business, you serve the Spanish market. What’s the breakdown there? In terms of the Hispanic borrower. And also tell us how well equipped, you think, NFM is to serve those customers.

– I wouldn’t be lying to you if I told you that 90% of my business is Hispanic buyers. And maybe another 30 or 40% of that being millennials. So NFM is prepared there. They have the tools, the marketing. Which allows us to continue to market and serve the Spanish speaking community. But, yeah I’d have to say that, about 90% of my business are Hispanic buyers and borrowers and it’s been great. Every since I moved over I never felt any static or any push back or any of that sort.

– And it’s almost been a year, by the way, Happy Anniversary.

– Ah thank you, thank you very much. It’s around the corner, that’s for sure.

– Yeah. I know that, and before you came to NFM you were in the business for 10 years so you’re into your second decade, which is just wild. You’re only 35 so congratulations on that man. You’ve got– such a great future.

– I really feel, I feel a lot older than 35 sometimes being married with four kids.

– Yeah, wait till your 48 buddy. Danny I’m so impressed, not just with the production. You know that’s one thing but, the day I met you, a little over a year ago, I was really struck by just how personable you were and I knew you were a great leader and you had all the attributes but seeing you actually in action seeing the loyalty of your people the passion in which you lay it all out on the field, every game. Where did that come from? The leadership piece and where you trying to go with it?

– You know, first of all thank you for the opportunity. I mean you guys took the chance on me and gave me a branch and I’m forever grateful for that. It really allowed me to expand. You know what I mean? To blossom as you like to call it. The whole leadership thing was, I’m still learning to be a leader. But I can tell you, it’s been a great ride. And a lot of it has to do with the support from you guys, you know? Continuing to let me acquire new talent and support. It’s still, I’m still learning, you know? But the leadership thing, ever since I was little people like, man, you have a, I guess they call it charisma or what have you and it’s just, I love helping people. And if I can bring on a loan officer and teach them what I’ve learned in the 10 years and show them how to structure the deal, give them competitive pricing, it just makes me feel better.

– You know, sometimes your like, man I’m such a good producer I could just keep producing because there’s this weight of leadership. What’s that balance like? And how do you just keep going at it?

– Well, a lot of it has to do with conversations with you, you know, the support that continuing motivation. It is tough, it’s very tough but it’s also very rewarding and considering how long I’ve been here I’m starting to reap the benefits of it and the rewards and the growth. I mean we’ve grown so much. From the four or five people we started with to the numbers we’re producing now. It’s definitely a balance but it’s something that I’m getting better and better at and I plan to take off. Continue to take of and train as many great LO’s and teach them our ways of being successful originators.

– There are likely hundreds if not thousands of referral partners that could potentially be people that you team up with so. What do they need to know about the Banda team of NFM Lending and the commitment to service that you have?

– Well, just look at our reviews. You know? Sometimes when, there’s a busy branch or busy loan officers the very first thing that goes out the door is service. And that’s unacceptable here. We continue to put the client first. Give them the right programs, speak their language, communicate. Time and time again, we’re closing deals in two weeks sometimes less than that. You know customer service is always number one And NFM has my back.

– Well I love watching your star shine. I know its just, it’s early on in the evolution of Danny Banda and the Banda team. And look what you’ve accomplished already. Can’t wait to see what year number two brings Danny Banda. Our Top Producers spotlight for the month of June. So happy to have you. Continued success out there in the Phoenix area.

– I appreciate it. While like I said when I start, when we did this video. I’m honored and privilege that you would choose me. We’re still rockin and rollin and I just, May was just a catapult month. It’s gonna be nothing but bigger, better news to come.

– Know, we can’t wait to see you, we’ve got your contact information of course right below, showing agents and potentially loan officers anybody that wants to reach out to you, or how to get a hold of you. And your very active on social media as well. Keep up the great work. I know your a monstrous Dodgers fan, go Dodgers I guess, if that’s how you say it. Danny thanks again–

– I’ll take that as a thank you.

– We’ll talk to you soon, thanks.

– All right thank you.

– You’ve been watching the June edition of the Top Producer series. I’m Greg Sher from NFMTV If you want to see any of our materials you can go to we’ll see you next time, so long.