NFM TV is excited to continue our Top Producer Series in 2021. We kick things off out west with BluPrint Home Loans Area Manager Nick Bronsozian. Not only did Nick eclipse an earth-shattering 150 million in personal production in 2020, he’s literally living the American Dream.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Well, we had an incredible 2020. Our Top Producer Series featured so many heavy hitters and we’re starting off 2021, January with yet another big hitter out of the Glendale, California area. We welcome in Nick Bronsozian, he’s the Area Manager for BluPrint Home Loans, a division of NFM Lending. Nick, how you doing?

– Fantastic Greg. Thank you so much for having me.

– What a way to kickoff our Top Producer Series. 300 units in 2020 for over 150 million, first of all, congratulations, those are monster numbers.

– Thank you.

– What were some of the key hurdles you had to overcome and how did you get over them to become the producer that you are today?

– You just need to focus on purchase business. And if you focus on the purchasers the refis trickle in.

– That’s kind of a canned answer though Nick. I’m gonna hold, I’m gonna put your feet to the fire right here because to someone out there that’s doing 15 million a year looking at you, they wanna look up to you at 150 million a year, 10 times. How do they get there other than just focus on real estate business? What, get a little granular for us.

– You need to be active on social media and have worthy posts. Meaning not just, Hey, I’m the one there, please send me note loans. You have to put content out there that make sense, that attracts it. If it’s turn time related, if it’s rate related, if it’s program related you need to get granular to your audience to get them to, you know, listen to you on social media.

– Well, there were certainly some frustrating days I’m sure, as you climbed, as you made your ascent up the ranks. What did you do to get over that? And how did you handle adversity which inevitably anyone at 15 million, to get to where you are at 150 million, they’re gonna encounter some really tough times.

– You just have to have passion for what you do. You really need to love what you do and enjoy it. Look at it as a game that you’re playing and not looking at it as, oh, I have to get more loans or my pack pot is getting weaker. Just to have a good attitude about it and be happy on a daily basis of what you do, is very important in this business.

– Tell us about your support staff. How many different hands touch your files and what kind of experience, do you try and deliver every time?

– So I would say we have roughly about seven to eight people that touch per file. They’re all well, well in a knowledgeable, very experienced staff, team members that we have. And it’s an amazing group that we really understand one another.

– 2004, you got into this game. You’re going on year 17. You started a countrywide home loans. Man, has the business changed since then?

– For the better definitely. I think these days the loans that we’re writing are solid, they’re backed incredibly well and I think we’re really, really the heart of the real estate market and been able to lend quality loans goes a long way.

– And BluPrint Home Loans is really making their mark in the mortgage industry, led by Lindsay Poe and Hans Stone and they’ve got a great brand out there and a real family atmosphere. Talk to us about the culture at BluPrint Home Loans.

– It’s truly a family type environment. I know a lot of companies throw that out there but when you can make a single phone call and get to the owner of the company and get stuff done right away, it goes a long way for an originator, for a branch manager, for a support teammate, you need to have that direct contact and that’s what makes that family type environment.

– Look, everyone’s got their unique story about how they get into the mortgage business. For you, I mean, I’m gonna take you all the way back to where you’re from, Aleppo, Syria. You moved as a young boy, tell us what that was like? You know, uprooting what you remember about that and coming to the United States and man, you are truly living the American Dream.

– It was an incredible journey and a crazy roller coaster to be on to where I’ve gotten to today. But I really believe that with strong family upbringing and been able to have mom and dad at home and you know not maybe going to Google for every single question and going to your parents for advice, has raised me to who I am today. Till today I still love my parents. I still take care of them and see them often. I have an amazing family with two young girls, one year old and a two year old. 2020 has been the best financial year for me and my family. And to be able to give back to the community, to be able to help whoever needs that help, just goes a long way and it really means a lot to me.

– So you mentioned that you enjoy giving back. In what ways do you give back? What are some purposes that are near and dear to you?

– Obviously donations to different charities throughout the year. But there has been times where, for example, there was war in Armenia that we donated money to to help out families in Armenia and also different homeless shelters, anything else on a personal level that we could do.

– I’m looking behind you right now, is that a wine case? What is that behind you?

– Yes, sir. That’s a big 300 wine case.

– My goodness, are you a wine connoisseur? You guess somebody in the house is, right?

– I love wine. Yeah, I’m just a wine guy. I don’t drink, you know hard liquor, I just really fascinated with white wine and red wine. So anytime you wanna talk or have a drink, let me know.

– Nick Bronsozian, Area Manager of BluPrint Home Loans, we really appreciate your time. You certainly are very worthy of kicking off 2021 as the featured Top Producer, we’re so happy to have you here at this company. Congratulations to you and to everyone at BluPrint Home Loans, continued success in 2021.

– My pleasure. Thank you so much for having me and let’s have a great year.

– All right, let’s do it. I’m Greg Sher from NFM TV, we’ll see you again next time.