Our March Top Producer Series features $100 million-dollar man, David Arocho, out of Columbus, OH. David joined NFM last month after 9 years at his previous company. Why NFM? Why now? Hear those answers and so much more in this exclusive sit-down with NFM TV. #LatestGreatest

Full Transcript is Below:

– [Host] Executive leadership. Industry news makers. Top producer insights. This is NFM TV.

– Welcome into NFM TV, it’s top producer time again. This time for the month of March, I am Greg Sher and we’re delighted to be joined by David Arocho, he’s our newest star and I mean star out of the Columbus, Ohio area. David we’re really happy you are with us on NFM TV thanks for being the top producer for the month of March.

– Thank you, thank you for having me, appreciate it.

– It’s a pleasure, I know that someone of your stature doesn’t take a move very lightly. You were at your previous company for nine years, what went into the decision to join NFM?

– I think that a couple years ago when I started to see NFM come into town, obviously peaked my interest. So with the last couple of years I’ve seen them grow and become a very big force here in Columbus, Ohio in addition to the fact that Daniel and I would become good friends, we talked a lot of business as well. So I think as I gotten to know the company, know where they stand, their reputation, their growth, their future. Their technology, everything that was very positive about NFM, it started to peak my interest even more knowing that this was probably the place I wanted to be at. So over the last couple of years, I’ve taken some time to study them, interview, yeah talk to agents, talk to consumers and so forth and anything and everything has been nothing but positive from NFM.

– And so you joined NFM, your title is Vice President and you joined Daniel Sa, who is running that region there and doing an incredible job. Daniel and his team closed north of one thousand loans in 2019 pre-David Arocho. Joining you guys are setting up a monopoly, watch our for the government, they may try and shut you guys down. What’s the plan between you and Daniel?

– Well obviously the goal here is to grow NFM in a manner that we were expecting obviously in the last year our conversations have been not about us individually but how do we grow NFM and that maybe even more so where it’s at today. So our goal is to double where we’re at today, hopefully in the next 12 months, so he and I have a lot of growth plans to look at within NFM.

– You’ve been in the game for 34 years. You started out in servicing for 11 and you jumped into sales 22 years ago. Now as I mentioned you’re closing around one hundred million a year. What was the turning point for you, was there a pivotal moment in your evolution that got you to this next level?

– Sure, one thing I did in the beginning in this business is I started off with one agent. And I took that agent and I was able to double my business. I needed another agent, I got two agents. Then I realized I’m gonna double that business and I made sure that those two agents helped me get two other agents. So I just started utilizing what I had, because at the end of the day I realized people are not let me go into offices unannounced or things of the nature. So I figured okay, take what little I did have at the beginning and make that grow. So I took one agent, took it to two, took it to four and my goal was within the 12 months, to have about 20 agents. So I started to grow my business in that fashion.

– I’m really curious to know just how deep you go with your relationships because over the years on NFM TV and over the years of talking to so many top producers we find that it really runs the gamut. We’ve got some top producers that have two hundred agents that give them a deal or two, we’ve got some top producers that have 15 go-to’s, that will send them as much as 20 to 30 units. Tell us where you fall there?

– Well I probably have a mixture of both. I mean I definitely have a core group that gives me probably a higher amount and I’ve got a handful that also give me so many through out the year based off maybe their own personal production as well. So I don’t say no, at the end of the day that one agent who might only have five deals compared to someone who gives me 25 deals, are just as important to me and vital to my business.

– What are some areas that David Arocho still needs a little bit of fine tuning, what are you working on in 2020 and beyond?

– Well I think some of the embracing of the technology part of it. You know, the thing for me is that one thing I don’t ever want to lose in this industry is the customer service and the relationship that you have with your consumer. And I meet with 95% of my clients. So I make a point for my clients on paper, was to come in, sit down with me, meet with me. I think that clients need to feel and sense what you’re offering them. So I will commit to you to do that and embrace the new technology wave that’s happening out there and determine how do I make both of them a value.

– How about your team? What’s that look like? What’s it take to close almost one hundred million a year?

– Sure. Right now I’ve got a team of about 5 people which consists of two LOs who obviously assist and junior LO and assistant as well so they’re very instrumental. Two of them are typically behind the scenes but obviously I rely on them to make things proceed process flowing wise. I also rely on my two LOs who obviously are becoming very instrumental in my business as I grow my business, I’ve got to make sure that I’ve got a team in place to make sure that they work and think the way I do. So obviously now I’ve got people trained to work like David Arocho.

– You’ve got one of the most diverse shoe boxes of old photos I’ve ever seen. You’ve got Throw Back Thursday, tell us what that is all about and what can people expect following you on social media?

– A couple years ago I started noticing more and more of the Throw Back Thursdays on Facebook, so I took a chance to throw some out there. And when I started getting responses that I did, I thought like, hey this is a good opportunity to get you know, more exposure and so forth. But also I liked the fact that the people started to realize the personal side of me. Columbus and those who know me, know my basic part, my business in ethics, know who I am on a business level, but I think they’ve appreciated the personal side that I’ve been able to show them, to say that, you know as successful as I am today, now I want to show you how I started, where I came from and who I was back then.

– David Arocho, thank you. Thank you for your time on NFM TV and for agreeing right out of the gate that the ink has barely dried on your arrival at NFM for being with us and allowing us to feature you as our top producer in the month of March. Really can’t thank you enough.

– Thank you very much, we’re very excited to be here and we truly appreciate the opportunity NFM is affording us and make it a great go at NFM.

– Lets do it, David Arocho at Columbus, Ohio. He is our top producer for the month of March. I’m Greg Sher, from NFM TV. We’ll see you again soon.