When Main Street Home Loans made a play for superstar originator Jolene Moore 18 months ago, they promised her she’d have a voice and a “seat at the table.” They delivered on that promise in a big way, fueling an ascent like she’s never experienced before. It has also earned her a seat in the spotlight as NFM TV’s Top Producer for the month of September.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Welcome to our Top Producer Series for the month of September, 2021. I’m NFM TV’s Greg Sher. Super excited to introduce the world to Jolene Moore. She is a superstar leader and originator for Main Street Home Loans. Of course, they are a big part of the NFM Family of Lenders. Jolene, thanks for being with us. Congratulations on the honor.

– Thank you so much, Greg. I appreciate it.

– You are the pride of Salina, Kansas, a town of 48,000 people now living in the Northern Virginia area. What was it like growing up in Salina a town of less than 50,000? It was wonderful, it was good. You know, I would love for my kids to have had a small town feel growing up, but it was, you know, I’m happy to be in Virginia. I don’t have any desires to go back to live in Kansas, but it was a good childhood.

– Well, you managed after high school to go to Wichita State, which is about 85 miles from Salina. So how did you end up going from your roots being in Kansas to Northern Virginia?

– [Jolene] Yes. I had some family lived here in Virginia, so after I graduated, I decided to come try out this area and thought I’d be here like a year and here I am 20 some years later.

– Last year you produced just under a 100 million in production. This year, you’re well on your way to 150 million. Those are enormous numbers by any standards. And interestingly enough, you and I got to know each other about five and a half years ago. So, I heard your name through CORE circles. CORE, the company run by Rick Ruby. We’ve got quite a few people here from the CORE and you were seen as a rising star. So I called you up one day and we went, and we had coffee. You remember that, right?

– I do, yes.

– Yeah. You, you were pregnant at the time. And I think that you were doing maybe three, four million a month.

– Yeah, it was 30 million a year before then. Yeah, about that time.

– So, what happened? you know from 30 million to 150 million, that’s a nice leg up. That’s about five times the amount of production if my math is right.

– Well, the CORE, as you mentioned was a huge part of that. Cause I did join the CORE about five and a half, six years ago. So that helped shift my business and kind of this process and the structure that I put to it and you know tracking leads. I think a lot of us think we get more leads or we’re converting all the leads we get, in actuality, we’re not. So starting to really track all of the leads, where they’re coming from and how many am I converting, what percentage does that look like? And then follow up. I think the follow up is huge too. Those tactics have tremendously changed my business.

– How do you develop the leads in the first place? I guess we’ll start there, right?

– [Jolene] Even outside of, you know, the crazy market we’re in right now, I still have probably 30 to 40% of my business come from past clients. I’ve started relationships, obtaining relationship with realtors. And that’s through, you know, the listing agents that you have on transactions, as well as teaching. I teach classes once a month. And then I also do a market update, kind of giving realtors an update of what’s happening, and videos. I also started doing videos about three years ago. I do them once a week to realtors on topics that can help them either grow their business through business development or things that we’re seeing that they need to know about, in the industry, so we did, that has been a huge help too.

– Social media then. I guess you must be tapping into that.

– I have social media and that we’ve started doing like reels and things like that. I a ctually got 27,000 views in one of our reels,

– Whoa!

– So I was like “Whoa!”

– That’s pretty good.

– I have a social media coach, Brand Social Marketing is who I use. She’s great. She’s a local woman here in my area who started the business and has helped me, you know, get that going.

– Well, very cool. You joined Main Street Home Loans in February of 2020. So right when it hit the fan, literally two weeks before the world shut down. What was that like?

– That was really crazy because obviously coming to a new company, as anyone knows, when they’ve changed, that in itself was hard and then coming and not being able to be in the office, but we got through it. You know, everyone at Main Street was helpful. I hired team members throughout. They were great. It’s been good.

– Main Street Home Loans by no means was the only suitor for you. You could have gone to 10, 20, 30 places. Why Main Street? Why did you decide to latch onto their culture and what has it been like?

– I think one, I wanted to have a voice, and I think that Darran and Mike with Main Street recognized that and allowed me to be a part of the leadership and just kind of have opportunities for growth here. And a lot of it is I just liked them a lot. I liked Darran and Mike.

– Definitely family first with them. And that’s actually a perfect segue because family first to you means everything. You’ve got a husband, you’ve got three children. Talk about the influence your family has had on you and being this great professional that you are.

– You know, I have two older kids, 21 and 19, and they’re both in college now. So when they were younger, I was a single mom for a period of time. So, you know, this career allowed me to, you know, support us, but also be flexible with them. And as they got older, that’s when I decided to start growing my business and take off more and get into the CORE. And then I had a five-year-old, and a little one. And so now I’m starting all over. So, but it’s fantastic. You know, they obviously know mom works a lot, but trying to balance that as well. My husband’s super supportive, so they’re wonderful.

– So you’re at around 150 million run rate for 2021. Where are you trying to go next? Are you settled in there? Is that good? You have your sights set on doubling that?

– I don’t know about doubling, but I definitely want to continue to grow. So, and the team, you know, the team that I have is all supportive of that too. They want to see us grow. We’re working on getting, you know, our systems even zoned in more, working to going to Salesforce and Jungo and things like that. So we’re gonna keep growing, not go crazy like that, but we want to grow.

– We’re so happy to have you in the NFM Family of Lenders and I know, of course, Main Street Home Loans just loves having you as part of their family. So thanks for being with us and agreeing to be our Top Producer for the month of September.

– Thanks so much, Greg. I appreciate it. I enjoyed it.

– All right. We’ll check back in down the road. That’s Jolene Moore from Main Street Home Loans. I’m Greg Sher from NFM TV. We’ll see you again next time.