What do you call a twenty-something TikTok sensation who will generate over $30 million in self-generated business in 2022? We call it “The Future”! Meet our November 2022 Top Producer, Dakotah Kutz.

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– Hello everybody. Welcome into our November top producer series. This is the hipper, Greg Sher. And what I mean by that is, normally I’m wearing a tie, but I have come under fire lately for being too uptight, and not hip enough. So I’m not wearing a tie, I did not fully shave, I’m gonna unbutton this, and just so you know, I’m wearing sneakers and as if it couldn’t get any better, I am featuring the future, speaking of hip, and Dakotah Kutz from the Colorado area, a superstar producer who’s only been in the business since late 2020. She’s part of our Influencer Division, and an incredible originator. Dakotah, thank you for being our top producer for the month of November.

– What’s up, G?

– Do I look cool, or what?

– You look so cool. The coolest.

– I mean, it’s all there, right? Let me know if I fall off the rails. So excited to talk to you. You’ve closed 25 million in personal production already, and you just got into the business. You’ve not even been in it three years. So tell us how you got into the business. I understand that you couldn’t even get into the mortgage business in the beginning, and now look at you.

– When I bought my first house in 2017 I was working as a banker, and my husband and I did not think we could buy a house. We barely had any money, We didn’t have good credit, and our loan officer helped us get into a down payment assistance program, and helped us buy our first house. And ever since then, I knew that I wanted to do that for people, um, but it took me about four years of trying, interviewing, basically begging people to take me on. And finally, I had somebody take a chance on me as a junior a couple of years ago and I haven’t looked back since.

– I know. And you’ve been an NFM. It’s gonna be a year in December. So by the time people hit the play button here you’ll be coming up on your, your anniversary. It’s, I think it’s unusual. I mean, there are a couple things that are unusual here. Number one, that you’ve had the success that you’ve had so quickly and number two, that you have the agent base that you have so quickly. So those two things. I mean, how have you been able to achieve so much in such a short period of time? I mentioned August, 2020, so I mean you’re literally just crossing into your third year in the business.

– I think the thing that makes me stand out against my competition of other loan officers, is that I have gone really deep with fewer people in my circle, and my circle of agents that I work with have become my close friends, and we build each other up and grow our businesses together by hosting events together, and really growing together versus me asking them to send me business. And I think that that has shown in the relationships that I’ve built in the last few years.

– You are a part of the Influencer Division at NFM Lending, so you are a TikToker, and you understand social media. Looking at one of your videos right now, let let’s just pause and listen to this one which you said is your favorite.

– If you bought a house a few years ago and now you’re debating if you wanna sell it and upgrade, or keep it and rent it out, did you know that you can still use the equity out of the house that you own right now to buy your next house and keep it as a rental at the same time? This is a two step process. So first, you need to get the equity out of the house you wanna keep, so that you can put it down on your next house. You can do this by getting a home equity line of credit on your first house. A lot of banks will go up to 90% loan to value. So, this means that you could get almost the same amount of money out of this house as you would if you sold it. The key here is to do this first, before you find a house you wanna buy, before you’re under contract on a house, because the HELOC lender is gonna ask you, “What are you using this money for?” And you can tell them, eventually I wanna buy a house with it, but I don’t know when or where or how. Now that you have this money ready, you’ll call a lender to get you pre-approved to buy the new house. The cool part about this is that we can use a signed lease to offset your mortgage payment on the old house, so that it’s like you don’t have a mortgage at all. You can use 75% of whatever you’re getting for rent to offset your old mortgage payment. Now, you’re basically starting over with a bunch of cash you didn’t have before, approving for your new house. You can keep your old one as a rental.

– Over 20,000 people hit the like button and over 400,000 people viewed that. What made that video so successful?

– The fact that I’m talking to the video, like I would talk to one of my clients, resonates with people on TikTok too. So since I’ve been doing TikTok, I’ve been kind of learning my style, learning what works, and Scott Betley, of course, is the best coach ever. And I’ve been really trying to be authentic to who I am, and how I talk with my clients and my partners.

– You came to NFM with just over 3,800 followers on the TikTok platform. You now have over 28,000 followers. So, you’ve managed to grow your following by 700%. How did you do it, and what would you say to those people that wanna get into these social media verticals?

– I would say the biggest thing is consistency. I’ve taken it very seriously ever since I came to NFM to post three times a day, five times a week. I think that posting that often really has given me the practice to kind of find who I am in, you know, creating content for my clients, and then building kind of a community around that as well.

– This one right here, I must admit, is my favorite. And I have watched every single video that you have made, so, keep that in mind.

– Imagine if I listened what a hater gotta say I never give a broke b**** any time of day. You ugly when your jealous b****, look at that face. I’m hot right now, and you not, okay. Oh you big mad, oh you big mad.

– So you went from the bathrobe, to looking like you were ready for the grand ball. how long does something like that take to make?

– I would say it’s about 30 minutes of filming, and 15 minutes of editing. So I woke up, did the first part, got ready for the day, did the second part, and then edited it.

– Yeah. Amazing. And so, where do you even come up with these ideas?

– So I spend about an hour a day at least, scrolling through TikTok, searching for trends, or getting ideas from other people in my industry. I spend about an hour scrolling through and then I will keep a note in my phone on ideas for a sound and how I would spin it, and then I typically will film in batches a couple times a week.

– Can you tell us what this has done to help catapult yourself generated business, not necessarily the business that comes from those videos that you’re making?

– Yeah, absolutely. So that’s been one of the biggest blessings that I’ve had from TikTok, is that I’ve been able to use what I’ve done on TikTok to teach classes to real estate agents, that are wanting to do the same thing. I partner with title companies. Typically the title company will advertise the class, and then I’m able to get in front of real estate agents to teach them about how I’ve grown my platform, and what’s working for me. And then I can kind of meet people that connect with me, so that I can bring them into that smaller circle, and go deeper with them.

– In your free time, you adore your three year old son, Cohen. You spend a lot of time with him, and you’re a big country music fan. Tell us about your love for Cohen and country music.

– My son, he is the sweetest most amazing, all boy that I have ever seen. He loves dirt bikes, monster trucks, The Hulk. He just learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels, which is scaring the, you know living daylights out of me, because he’s only three. So he’ll take off, and I’m way behind him, and I have to just trust him to stop in front of the streets.

– Wait a minute. You’ve been known to kind of take off too. Speaking of TikToks and taking off, I think this is you running across the parking lot of corporate. I wonder where he gets that from. Country music. Who’s your favorite country music star?

– Morgan Wallen. My husband and I have flown all over the country to see Morgan Wallen. Our most recent trip was to Alabama, to watch him perform last November.

– Dakotah, you’re incredible. You are the future and we really appreciate these few minutes you’ve spent with us here on NFM TV. Congratulations on being our top producer for the month of November, 2022. Keep up the sensational work.

– Thank you so much. I appreciate NFM more than you know.

– All right, we’ll talk to you soon. I’m Greg Sher. Hope you’ve enjoyed this. We’ll see you soon.