“Love is in the air” with our Top Producer for the month of July, 2021. Meet Great Lakes Division Super LO Andy Beigel, a real-life phenom. His story and rise to prominence are sure to inspire you…and maybe even give you butterflies!

Full Transcript is Below:

– There are love stories. And then there is the story of our top producer for the month of July, 2021. Hi, I’m Greg Sher from NFM TV. Joining us now is Andy Beigel. He is a superstar in the making from Columbus, Ohio. He works with Daniel Sa in that incredible team, The Great Lakes Division of NFM lending. Andy, thanks for being with us on NFM TV and for agreeing to be our top producer for the month of July.

– Thank you so much, Greg. I really appreciate the opportunity, and can’t wait to talk with you.

– Yeah, so about that love story, you met your wife in 5th grade, is that right?

– 5th grade, picked her up on the Foursquare Court. She couldn’t deny my skills and it’s been game over ever since.

– 5th grade, I just wanna make sure.

– 5th grade it’s crazy, isn’t it? And so, when did you start dating?

– So I got the official thumbs up to take her to the roller skating rink in 5th grade later that year. And then she asked me if I would ask her to be her boyfriend. And so, I made that happen.

– That’s just incredible. Any breaks or all the way through?

– She broke up with me in 8th grade, over in MSN Messenger, believe it or not because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to marry her yet. I thought we were a little too young to make those types of commitments. And she broke up with me and told me to come back when I knew I was ready.

– As you have grown and exploded onto the mortgage scene, she has joined you.

– Yes.

– So you’ve been in the mortgage business now going on four years, and there are two love stories here really. There’s a love story between you and Leslie, and then there is the love story between you and Daniel Sa.

– Yeah.

– So we’ve covered the first one, let’s cover the second one. He has done so much for you. Talk about the first time you heard from Daniel Sa and the impact he’s made on your life.

– I met Daniel probably six years ago when I graduated from college, one of my friends was working on Daniel’s team. She just kept going out, having a great time with Daniel. Their business was growing and she would just brag about how awesome it was working with Daniel. And I had a background, I was working in wealth management as a financial planner, and I just kept seeing this kid. And we were friends in college and he just kept growing, and growing and growing, and more opportunities, and more opportunities, and finally Daniel said, “Just come on over here. “I’ll make you more money than you’re making over there. “And you’ll have a much better time.” And it’s been a incredible journey since.

– And so you were under Daniel, you cut your teeth under him. You learned mortgage 101, and then you were given a chance to kind of branch out on your own and become a super LO and start to build a team. And last year in 2020, you close 232 units, just south of 48 million in volume. And in 2021, you are well on your way to your goal of 335 units. How are you building the team and how are you able to scale so rapidly?

– Definitely, so from a team standpoint, where we’re at right now is myself as the loan officer, and then I have my wonderful wife and partner, Leslie, who is running all of the pipeline from contract to close and really everything in between. we just hired on a loan partner full time starting on Monday Connor, who is gonna crush it, knock it out of the park for us. And then we have Shaundra who is a part-time loan partner as well, who is working remotely that is providing support on the front end when we get contracts and helping get files set up, really taking everything as we can, from a standpoint of building the relationships with our partners on the financial advisor front, realtor front, and then of course just delivering a high quality experience.

– Well, it’s very important to note that 80% of your business is purchase business. That’s well above the industry right now. So how much time have you spent prospecting and what are some of those little nuggets that you’ve learned, that you can hand off to some others that wanna be like you?

– We have an awesome marketing team that set up a reality capture campaign. So we were able to at least have a warm introduction to some realtors. So we would… I essentially just cold called a bunch of realtors that I thought would be fun to work with, just to get our name in front of them. And then it really propelled from there, once you start building the relationships with those partners, asking them for buddy intros and just delivering a high quality experience. So that way at the end of the day after you close the deal on the listing side, there’s always another agent, right? And so calling and trying to prospect business from that listing agent has been a big part of my business as well.

– You’re 28, right?

– 28, I’m getting up there.

– That’s a young age for someone that’s hitting the level of success that you’ve hit in this business. What’s next? Where are you trying to go on on this mortgage journey?

– It’s hard to tell where things will end up, but I just keep doing everything Daniel tells me to do. Eventually, I will certainly want the opportunity to have a branch and run my own P&L, and be able to do all the fun things that Daniel did, so that I can give back to the team that I’m creating, the way that he’s giving back to me.

– Well, and you know now that you can just be anything you wanna be as long as you put the work in. That’s a pretty incredible feeling and thing to be able to, say prior to being 30 years old.

– Yeah, no, that’s 100%. The biggest takeaway from it all that I’ve realized is, it’s not that hard to be successful.

– Andy Beigel, our top producer for the month of July, 2021. Thanks for spending some time with us here on NFM TV. Continued success, we’ll check in down the road.

– Thanks so much, Greg. I really appreciate it.

– All right, I’m Greg Sher from NFM TV, we’ll see you again next time.