Having more than doubled in size over the last 18 months, it is no wonder that NFM Lending and its family of lenders is abounding with opportunity to advance your career. In NFM TV’s newest series, we highlight superstars who have experienced tremendous professional growth, risen “Through the Ranks”, and positioned themselves to be future leaders for a company that is racking up sales records at breakneck speed. This month we feature Human Resources Generalist, Sarah Moslowski who, in just three years, has received two promotions and is a shining star making sure employees across the country stay engaged and have what they need to be successful.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Hi, I’m Sarah Moslowski. And I’m an HR generalist at NFM Lending. I’ve been working at NFM for three years. During my time at NFM, I’m been promoted several times. I first joined as an onboarding coordinator, helping with our onboarding process. From there I moved into the role of a junior HR generalist. And most recently, I’ve been promoted to just a regular HR generalist. So as an HR generalist, we handle anything related to the employee during their time at NFM. So I handle a lot of compensation, position changes. We’ll also be the go-to if employees have questions or concerns, we help resolve those. And then we also are responsible for planning any employee engagement events, and just company communications. I like the culture. We’ve developed a really family-oriented feel. And I also personally love working with my team. I think we have a lot of support for each other. And we get along really well to get the job done. With now everyone being remote, we’ve had to come up with a lot of creative ways to keep people engaged. So just kind of researching things we’ve done in the past, looking how we can tweak it to make them remote-friendly. Anything that gets the employee involved, and knows that even though we’re not all together, we still all care about how you’re doing. Something that I like to do, which is kind of helping where I can to improve our current processes. Anything that we can take a look at, like with Paycom, our HR system, helping make that better. In my time, we’ve onboarded a couple of our divisions. And I know that was definitely a great learning experience. Our company as a whole has grown so much. And with that there’s a lot of new opportunities that are developed just along with the growth we’ve experienced.