In more than a decade with NFM, Jackie Gross has seen the company explode from doing a couple of hundreds of loans a month to thousands. As the newly appointed Project Manager of Strategic Growth, Jackie will drive new business initiatives that improve efficiencies and propel the company into the next decade. Hear about her meteoric rise “Through the Ranks”.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Hi, my name is Jackie Gross. I am the Project Manager of Strategic Growth and I’ve been with NFM for over 11 years. So I started with NFM years ago, I started in the closing department, moved into relationship manager role where I helped board a lot of our branches and divisions, and now excited to start my new journey as a project manager. In this new role, I’m going to be working with the corporate executive team working on some strategic initiatives to really hope to bring value and some efficiencies to corporate and NFM as a whole. When I started at NFM, I think there were probably 100 employees or so. You know, if we closed 200 loans a month, that was a really big month. So just to watch the growth bringing in new branches, new divisions, new talent, at the corporate location, admin, operations, everyone it’s really just been amazing to watch us, especially in these past two years, essentially double. My time with NFM has been absolutely incredible. I’ve met some of the most amazing, smartest, most open people I could have asked to be involved with. The mentorship has been incredible. Everyone’s just been so open answering so many questions which I always have. The opportunities here at NFM are incredible. And I don’t think this is something that is common or customary, especially in this industry which is so fast-paced and ever-changing. And it’s just been an incredible journey for me. And I cannot be thankful enough. My favorite thing are just the people. I’ve known some of the people at NFM for over 15 years. They knew me when I was much younger, much less experienced, and it’s just fun to look back at all those relationships and see where we’ve all come.