NFM Lending’s Information Technology Team has done it again! This time making NFM the first lender in the world to deploy the Social Security Administration’s new electronic identity verification, another way we are leveraging tech to create a great customer experience, even during these times of social distancing. In the newest episode of Tech Central, Chief Information Officer, Christos Bettios explains the SSA verification process to NFM TV host, Greg Sher, as well as new improvements that make it easier for borrowers to access their loan disclosures.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Who doesn’t love Tech Central? Let’s be honest. Greg Sher, Christos Bettios, our CIO at NFM Lending. Good to see you. How have you been?

– I’ve been great, thank you. Nice to be here with you, Greg.

– And you’ve got a lot of great things to share with everybody today, so let’s get right to it. You have helped, you and your amazing team, simplify the disclosure process. This has been an item that people have been nipping at your heels on for a long time. Now tell us what you’ve done.

– That’s right, Greg, and you’re very familiar with the issue. You talk to people inside and outside. The LMA process is relatively complex for the borrowers, and the borrowers often have problems trying to access the disclosures. We’ve created a much more simplified and secure way for the borrowers through two-factor authentication to access disclosure. Instead of having the LMA system, we have a front end, makes it really simple for the borrower.

– Single sign on?

– Single sign on.

– Single sign on, that’s what everybody’s been wanting, and you have delivered. Not a big surprise there. How about the new SS89 process? I understand you’ve streamlined that too.

– That’s something that the entire industry has been asking for a long time. The Social Security Administration requires with signatures on the forms, and now they’re running a pilot that allows some pilot lenders to electronically sign it. And we are proud to say we’re the very first lender to deploy electronic Social Security Administration verifications. And we’re in production, we’re rolling it out to some branches this week, but we’ve had our first successful transaction.

– All right, that’s amazing. So you’re adding efficiencies, and we just have to touch on really fast, your entire team, really the industry as a whole, just bubbling over with production right now, and that puts a lot of pressure that people don’t see on the tech side, on the IT side. You want to touch on that?

– Absolutely, yeah. Thanks Greg. I mean, for us at NFM, obviously, I would love to take a moment, right, to recognize all the hard work that people have been doing for the last four or five months. Volumes are very high, yet, you know, there’s all the work from home. So, we are running without a hitch and that’s our developers, our encompass admins, our tech support people. Everybody’s helping to make these things happen, and I think this is true for the entire industry, not just NFM. You know, I think the tech support people really need to be recognized for making these things happen from a technology standpoint.

– Yeah, so we appreciate everyone out there making it happen, and including you Christos. Always a pleasure.

– Greg, I loved it. Thank you.

– We’ll have to do this again soon. That’s Christos Bettios, the CIO of NFM Lending. I’m Greg Sher from NFM TV. You’ve watched another edition of Tech Central. Let’s not wait so long next time, let’s come back soon, okay?

– Okay.

– All right, we’ll see you next time.