In her five years at NFM Lending, Niya Thompson has been promoted three times. In this edition of Through the Ranks, Niya attributes her success to a combination of hard work, growth opportunities, and company encouragement to be herself.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Hi, I’m Niya Thompson and I am the Disclosure Desk Manager here at NFM. I’ve been here at NFM for five years, I’ve been a Closer, Team Lead for Closing, Closing Disclosure Manager, and now the Disclosure Desk Manager. I’ve probably been doing mortgages since I was about 18, So I started off just in the mortgage origination sales, and so I did a lot of my own processing, closing, kind of walking myself through the whole process. So that’s kind of where I started, and found my passion in the mortgage industry. And then from there I went to Servicing, Post-closing. Once you see it full circle, it’s one of those things when you know it you know it. The rules change, but the overall concept of these are the things you do. This is how you sign, and then you walk away with your home. It doesn’t change. I love working at NFM for the people. It feels like you’re visiting your house, that has all your cousins in it, not just your cousins, all your favorite cousins. It’s good to come in the office and see people. You’re talking to them on Zoom, Teams. Even though we’re remote we still have that family structure. It doesn’t have that work feeling. It feels like you’re more than a number. The growth here at NFM is amazing. When I first started as a Closer, I remember the party that we were going to have that says we almost made it to 500 loans. And now you look back and you think, wow, we had a party for 500 loans. The amount of people, how much the company has grown. The people that I originally started with just seeing the path that they have, the opportunities that everyone has had, it has grown tremendously and I’m just glad to be here for the ride. I always look to be… do something better tomorrow, be a better person, be a better manager, be a better overall employee. That’s what I strive to do. Wherever that leads me, I’m all for it and NFM has opened up many doors, more doors than I thought would have been opened because I was just being me and, they just said, “come on in”, and it works.