NFM celebrates Earth Day every day by continuing to making the mortgage process all-digital. CIO Christos Bettios discusses why this commitment to the environment is not only a huge benefit for our planet’s natural resources but for our clients and business partners, as well.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Welcome into a special NFM TV Earth Day edition. I am Greg Sher, and this is Christos Bettios. He’s the CIO of this exploding company NFM Lending. Exploding in a good way.

– Yes.

– I guess there can be good explosions and bad explosions. But the one going on here is very good at the moment. And we’ve got Earth Day to talk about right now. Because I know a lot of what you do centers around being conscientious about the environment and keeping it clean.

– It is. It aligns with our strategy to move to digital mortgage. And we’ve taken a lot of initiatives around digital mortgage that are supportive of you know less paper, more automation, good for the environment, as well as good for the business.

– It’s kinda like Valentine’s Day you know. If I get my wife flowers on Valentine’s Day she says “Well that’s just because you had to.” Right? But Earth Day is a kind of thing where you should be doing it every day right?

– That’s a good analogy thank you.

– Thank you very much I appreciate that.

– We’ve done a few things, for the company including our disclosures. Over 95% of our initial disclosures go out electronically, right, no paper. Probably higher than that lately. All of our apps about 75% governed electronically. We basically have lately moved into Hybrid E-Closings. Where we don’t send the whole package to be printed, and signed, and scanned and copied. And so that’s a big initiative. We started with zero eNotes in the year, to a hundred million dollars by the end of March. Very fast, a good adoption. Hybrid E-Closing’s the next big thing.

– You know what I think we need to look up in the satellite environment, and go right down to North Carolina right now to bring in one of our fine operational leaders. Chris Reinert from North Carolina. Chris how are you today?

– I’m doing well. How are you guys?

– We’re doing great. I know that you and The Taylor Group of NFM Lending really lean heavily on all the technology around keeping the environment kinda clean. Tell us what are some of the things that you do to ensure that you’re keeping the environment clean and how it plays into your operations from a day-to-day basis.

– Absolutely. Yeah we’ve really embraced NFM’s goal to go paperless. And you know to try and do everything digitally that we can. One of the big improvements recently was our e-close process, which allows us to have buyers sign the majority of their closing documents electronically and avoid having to print out large packages of closing documents and having them wet-signed and deal with all the paper. So that’s been fantastic. The borrowers have really embraced it. It’s made it very easy for them. On the closing side, our attorney and title partners have loved it as well because it cuts down on the amount of paper that you know, they have to print out and produce, you know for our closings. So it’s been a huge huge win for you know ourselves as lenders and our closing partners.

– Well we appreciate the testimonial and glad that you are taking advantage of all the great things that Christos and the technology department at NFM are working on every day, day in and day out. Appreciate your time. Good to see you.

– Good seeing you guys. Happy Earth Day.

– I appreciate that. Christos always a pleasure.

– Yes Happy Earth Day.

– Happy Earth Day my friend. See you later.