In this episode of “My Voice Matters”, we spotlight the President & CEO of Greater Baltimore Urban League (GBUL), Tiffany Majors. GBUL is a non-profit organization that focuses on equal opportunity in employment, education, healthcare, housing, and the civic arena. During the COVID-19 pandemic, NFM Lending partnered with GBUL to donate laptops to Baltimore City school children forced into distance learning without the proper tools. Tune in to hear how GBUL is making a real difference in the community.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Greetings, my name is Tiffany Majors. I’m the President and Chief Executive Officer of Greater Baltimore Urban League. Greater Baltimore Urban League is a non-profit, nonpartisan social service organization. Our mission is to enable African-Americans and other minorities the ability to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power, and civil rights. We’ve been helping disadvantaged Marylanders throughout this region to gain access to equal opportunity in areas of education, housing, employment, health care and the civic arena. NFM reached out and said, what do you need? What initiatives do you have in which we can support? We like to volunteer. We like to provide any resources that you can use right now that will support individuals in marginalized communities. To that effort, I asked them to support us in our first initiative which was closing the digital divide and providing laptops to individuals of Baltimore City students who did not have the capacity to continue their remote learning. Immediately NFM reached out and provided 125 laptops to students in Baltimore City. It took less than one month for NFM to provide these 125 laptops that’s to support two different schools the ability to graduate seniors, as well as to provide this support to teachers who have also suffered as well as administrators to provide these students with tablets and internet access to continue their education. Since March, we have provided one-on-one support to small businesses to access capital, scale their business, build their business and assist them in sustaining their business. We have provided over 40,000 meals to support individuals who live in food deserts in Baltimore City. We provide a college and career readiness, remote yoga, remote mental mindfulness for those who suffer anxiety and for all who have been forced for social isolation. Our voice matters because there are so many who feel voiceless. Our voice is more than matter. Why do black lives matter? Black lives more than matter. We are fighting consistent injustices of voter suppression, consistent murders of unarmed black women and men in the United States. We are fighting a digital divide the inability and unwillingness to educate African-Americans and minorities. To no end we continue the fight. Baltimore Urban League will continue to develop opportunities in which African-Americans and other minorities can thrive, sustain and have an equal level playing field. The opportunity to education, housing, employment, health care and justice.