In this episode of “My Voice Matters,” we are excited to spotlight Carl Delmont, the Founder of Freedmont Mortgage Group. Carl is passionate about serving nonprofit organizations such as TurnAround Inc., the Better Business Bureau, and many others. Tune into see how he has helped the small business community and the organizations he’s involved in.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Hi, I’m Carl Delmont. I’m the founder of Freedmont Mortgage Group, a division of NFM Lending. And I’m here today to talk about why my voice matters. We like to do a lot of things in our community through Freedmont Mortgage Group. Specifically, we’ve done some things at Ronald McDonald House. We do a lot of things with a group called TurnAround Inc., a local nonprofit that actually helps prevent and educate against human trafficking. We also do some stuff with local animal shelters, plus many other ones. We try to mix it up and really help a lot of things. The other thing personally, I’m involved with I’m on the board of the Better Business Bureau. And I really love the Better Business Bureau because a lot of people think it just helps consumers and they really do. There’s a lot of great things there the latest scams to avoid etc., but they do a lot of work for small businesses as well. So a lot of people don’t really understand that. And then finally, I’m very involved in soccer and my soccer club has a nonprofit and we work with couple of other soccer clubs as well. And we try to help kids in the areas where maybe they don’t have enough money to play organized sports. We call it giving kids a sporting chance. It’s really really good some of the things we do there, but I just feel if you could take things that you’re passionate about, whether it’s business community, whether it’s sports, whatever else, and use that to actually help nonprofits spread their voice, then you really helping your voice in your community as well. Our voice matters and it’s a little bit unique because we actually have a number of radio shows that I host weekly, and I try to use our voice to help out smaller nonprofits. And during COVID even small business owners, just to give them some free publicity, talk about the struggles they’re facing during the pandemic and for the nonprofits, same thing. A lot of them have faced shortages and some of the donations and everything else. So we’d literally take our voice in the community and make sure that it does matter.