In this episode of “My Voice Matters,” we are excited to spotlight Noah Sanboeuf, Branch Manager of the All 4 Heroes Team of Freedmont Mortgage Group. Through his All 4 Heroes program, he hosts annual fundraising events and waives certain settlement costs to give back to those who are or have been on the frontlines to serve our nation. Thank you for all you do, Noah!

Full Transcript is Below:

– Hi, my name is Noah Sanboeuf. I’m with Freedmont Mortgage, have been since August of 2021. Been in the business since ’93. So this is my 29th year, and I run the division called All 4 Heroes. So All 4 Heroes started, I think it was around 2019 and a couple of events happened to me. One, I was in a major car accident and experiencing for firsthand care from first responders was just an amazing thing. I needed an immediate surgery with my neck, my spinal cord and body was injured significantly. Also I was in that place in my life, I need some freshness in this business. What can I do? And the birthplace of All 4 Heroes began. We started to do fundraisers, we started to do community events, we started to do golf outings. We do the tea off for veterans every year. That’s about 165 veteran golfers that come in that have served our country. They get free golf, they get free breakfast, they get a free lunch, and we also give away a big screen TV just to say thank you. And it’s this relationship building, and then in turn taking that business and going to sit down with my real estate community and saying, hey listen, you have to be the local expert. And if you don’t know the local police, if you don’t know the local cops and the firemen and maybe even the teachers and even the local doctors and hospital personnel, then you may not be the local expert. Let me help you and that would open so many doors specifically in the transaction. Of course we give five star service. I don’t recommend this for all but I’m available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year ’cause a lot of those people work different shifts and timelines, so I have to make myself available. But in the process, we wave all all the bank fees. There’s no application fee, there’s no processing fee, no underwriting fee, and just to give back. It’s a great thing, it’s a way to serve them, and it puts me in many, many areas to serve the community. The question of why our voice matters. Some sections of our world, our nation frown upon these people or they don’t really appreciate in the entirety of what they do. We have hospital workers working 24 hour shifts to manage and love on COVID patients. We have firemen that are entering buildings as a team to get through a fire. So our voice matters in just a way to be kind to those folks, to be gentle with them, to appreciate them and say, thank you and give them a hug. And, it’s important. And that’s why our voice matters.