In this episode of “My Voice Matters”, we spotlight Milan Griffin, Vice President of Marketing & Outreach at HomeFree-USA. HomeFree-USA focuses on financial strength and homeownership success for people of color across the nation. NFM Lending is excited to collaborate with HomeFree-USA on how to improve the mortgage industry and achieve sustainable homeownership for people of all backgrounds.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Hi, my name is Milan Griffin, and I am the Vice President of Marketing and Outreach with HomeFree-USA. HomeFree-USA is excited to partner with NFM Lending, to help to increase home ownership, and to decrease mortgage denials in communities of color, with a special focus and emphasis on Black home ownership. For 26 years, HomeFree-USA has been working tirelessly to level the playing field, to help families, especially families of color, especially low to moderate income communities, to move up the financial ladder through sustainable home ownership. And we do this in a couple of different ways, through expert home ownership guidance, through one-on-one consultation and information and a personalized proven plan. HomeFree-USA helps home buyers to overcome basic stumbling blocks to home ownership, including helping them to find down payment and closing cost assistance, helping home buyers to get credit ready and financially prepared for mortgage approval. And they’re also prepared for sustainable home ownership, once they reach the closing table. Our voice matters because we are on the ground. We are working with, we are understanding and we are connected with communities of color nationwide, and we are taking the information and helping the mortgage lending community, tap into, work with, meet, increase their impact and increase home ownership in communities, that they’ve historically either overlooked or historically have had issues tapping into. HomeFree-USA is a bridge builder, HomeFree-USA is connected and our voice matters, because we help the mortgage industry reach communities that they have struggled to reach in the past.