In this episode of “My Voice Matters”, we spotlight our extraordinary realtor partner Kenny Fulton of Red Anchor Properties. Previously a Loan Originator at NFM Lending, Kenny now uses voice to make a difference in the realty profession and in the neighborhoods he serves. He dedicates his time and experience to training young realtors, and he works in the community to help families buy their first home and ultimately create generational wealth.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Hi, my name is Kenny Fulton and I’m a Realtor, Red Anchor Properties of EXP Realty and our mission is to provide real estate education, support and service to as many people as possible. After I graduated from Morgan State University, NFM Lending was actually my first job out of undergrad, back in 2005 and as the company grew, I was able to take on management roles and much of my success. I owe to the things that I learned here and many of the people, I still consider are my family, even now as a realtor, I use NFM Lending as my lending partner for many of my clients. I’ve dedicated a large portion of my life towards mentoring youth, running summer programs and volunteering my time and resources to teach others about real estate and building generational wealth. Currently, I am adding value to my community by creating more real estate professionals by mentoring, aspiring agents, as they go through the process of researching the field, taking their test and starting their career. I’m also helping families purchase their first home or sell their home or pass through an asset through their family. And I serve on the board of several minority owned real estate investment groups and provide guidance on how to structure their organization, secure financing and purchase properties together. My voice matters because as a previous lender and as a current real estate professional, I know how important it is to maintain diversity and inclusion in the real estate industry here ready to go properties. It is integral that we uphold these values for our community to achieve home ownership and generational wealth.