In this episode of “My Voice Matters,” we are excited to spotlight one of our very own, Jeremy Poling. As a Loan Originator / Team Lead at NFM Lending, he and his realtor partners from his “Coffee & Cocktails Connections” networking group volunteer at the Mission of Mercy’s food distribution event every month. Tune in to see why he volunteers and what makes him passionate to serve his community.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Hi my name is Jeremy Poling, Loan Originator/Team Lead here with NFM Lending. I’m here in Frederick, Maryland today. I appreciate you guys coming up to learn a little bit about what we do each month with the Mission of Mercy and the Maryland Food Bank. My networking group, real estate Coffee and Cocktails Connection group come out once a month to support the Maryland Food Bank and Mission of Mercy to distribute fresh fruits and vegetables to the in need community here in Frederick County. These fruits and vegetables are provided through the Food Bank free of charge to families that are in need. We normally would host somewhere between 100 to 150 families each month. They’ll all receive somewhere around 50 to 60 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables for their family. Our group consists of mainly local professionals, business owners. Mission of Mercy is great because we kind of bring all of the community resources together during their clinic days. Mission of Mercy is here offering free dental, free health care, free triage, pharmacy needs as well. So it truly is a one-stop shop to not only have the health care and dental needs provided to these individuals, but we also hope to send them home with somewhere between 50 to 60 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to help sustain their family. My voice matters here really because learning about the in-need community was something that was very eye-opening to me. I never realized, living in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, that some of these suburbs were so underserved in the sense that there were insurance needs, health care needs, dentistry needs, food, or just other product needs within the home. But just the sheer gratitude that you see in these individuals faces when you hand them 50, 60 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables, or you help them to get registered for a Dentistry Clinic, it’s just, there’s an indescribable the look on their face because you know, they finally have received something that they have prayed for, or have asked for for a very long time. It is very fulfilling to see what you’re doing within the community.