In this episode of “My Voice Matters”, we spotlight Branch Manager, JC Jimenez from our Vienna, VA office. Originally from Colombia, and having immersed himself in the area Hispanic community, JC understands the distinct needs and challenges his neighbors may face when qualifying for a home loan. Tune in to see how JC and his team focus on helping first-time home buyers achieve the American Dream.


Full Transcript is Below:

– Hi, I’m JC Jimenez. I’m the Branch Manager for the Vienna office. We also have satellite offices in New Jersey, West Virginia, and Houston. We’ve been with NFM luckily for almost seven years. I’m part of the Hispanic community. And as such, I understand everything that goes around, the idiosyncrasies, the type of needs that the community has and how we interact with each other. Many of the people that come over here see us like the bridge to reach out to the American dream in so many ways, why? Because it’s more than the language, many of times, they are a little bit reluctant as to how they can qualify for the loan. Many of times they need multiple members of the family to qualify to buy a house, which is typical in the Hispanic group. And we help them out. We’re particularly interested in reaching out to people who are buying homes for the first time. And that’s where we’ve been most successful since we started working together. And more so now that we’re at NFM. The biggest challenge for our community is qualifying for a loan. When you are just not, been here for a long, long time, and you haven’t had enough depth in your credit history and the resources that you receive, many of them may be cast or from multiple sources or multiple members of a family, just to qualify for just one property. Those are things that are challenging in many ways. We prepare them long enough until they do qualify. The community has seen the delivering of our work. They have seen what we’ve done with many people that didn’t think that they were able to buy a house yet, and we prepared them and we told them what they needed and they achieved the dream. So that example, delivered, so many times has given us the opportunity to really stand out in the community and say, hey, we’re here, we’re legitimate. We can provide you with a loan, in the right way.