In this episode of “My Voice Matters”, we spotlight the Executive Vice President of BluPrint Home Loans, Hans Stone. A father of two young boys, his family is involved in many local charities that support the homeless in Long Beach, CA. Pushing his passion even further, his team at BluPrint donated $100 per closed loan in 2020 to Precious Lamb School for homeless children. Tune in to see how much they raised and how Hans’ passion for his community makes him a great father and leader.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Hey there, my name’s Hans Stone. I’m the EVP with BluPrint Home Loans Division of NFM Lending. We just celebrated our one-year anniversary on December the 16th. So getting involved in the community really started for our family a few years back. My wife and I, we asked ourselves, you know, really, what can we do, how can we help the local community? We have two boys, they’re now nine and 11 years old. So we also wanted to get them involved and show them the impact that they can have on the community and that we all play a part. Just yesterday, we dropped off 325 pairs of socks for a local charity drive called Sock It To ‘Em, which is an annual drive or annual event to gather socks for the homeless here in Long Beach. This organization is put on by Justin Rudd. So that’s really how we got started into giving back into our community. So with BluPrint, it was important for us to give back to the communities that we live and work in, so every year we pick an initiative, we pick a charity to get behind and support. And in 2020, our first year out, we chose Precious Lamb Preschool here in Long Beach. And for every transaction, so every loan that closed here in the Long Beach Branch, we donated $100 to the organization. So last year in 2020, that came up to $22,000 that we were able to generate and give back to Precious Lamb to support the children, for the homeless children of Long Beach. So the question is why your voice matters. And I’d say that, you know, it’s not my voice, it’s not your voice, but it’s our voice. There’s folks that need help, there’s folks that have the opportunity to help others. We wanna give back, right? I mean, especially for those of us that have children. We think about the future probably more than we ever have before we had kids. And so it is important to understand that we create, you know, bridges and opportunity to make sure that the future is going to be a great place for them. So, you know, getting out in your community and asking how you can help, bringing people together is really the survival and it’s gonna be the strength of our communities to ensure that it’s a great community to live in.