In this episode of “My Voice Matters”, we’re spotlighting one of our long-term realtor partners George Bryant, Broker/Owner of EXIT Community Realty. With “community” as their middle name, EXiT Community Realty has multiple initiatives giving back to the community including charitable giving, mentoring and guest speaking. Bryant explains how his business goes beyond real estate and focuses on making an impact on people.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Hi, my name is George Bryant, Broker & Owner of EXiT Community Realty Lanham and EXiT Community Realty Annapolis co-owner. Wanna talk about my relationship with NFM Lending. It started about eight to nine years ago with Craig Kam and Nick Mautino. We’ve closed a lot of transactions together. We’ve done a lot of co-marketing together. We’ve done a lot of projects together. So I’m always proud to say that NFM lending is my number one vendor, when it comes to home loans. We just love the fact that we say we’re EXiT Community Realty. And we have a page called EXiT Community Realty Gives Back. Every year on Martin Luther King day, the agents get together and raise money. And we stuff these backpacks and these purses with sheets, blankets, socks, gloves, coats, hats, toiletries, and we do that every year. We also do a program where we take, we get all of the bags donated from women who have bags that they don’t use anymore. And we have everyone bring in from the community. They donate these bags and we fill those with toiletries and we take them to the homeless shelters. During COVID-19, I’m always out speaking at certain schools to talk to the youth about investments and real estate career. So our whole thing is, EXiT Community, community is our middle name. So why do we say community is our middle name? Because we’re here to service our community. We’re here to educate our community on what home buying can do, how home buying works, create generation of wealth for your family, I help create a real estate portfolio. Community being our middle name is bigger than just real estate. I always tell the agents that it’s bigger than real estate. It’s about creating subdivisions, culture, inside of our neighborhoods. When we start selling houses from the house, first house being built from one of the builders, you’re creating a community. You’re creating that neighborhood. These people will have children. Their children will have children. And that will be the start of some people’s families. And that community will have those neighbors and those people that live in that community that worked with their HOA or whatever, they’ll become connected based on that community. So when you look at real estate, you really got look deeper. It’s not about a commission check. It’s not about just getting a deal. It’s so much deeper and more profound. You’re creating communities. My voice matters because my responsibility is not only to help people with home ownership, but it’s to cultivate human beings that come through this program and say they wanna be a realtor, say they wanna be a broker, say they wanna be an investor. My responsibility and my voice matters because I’m responsible to help grow people to provide for their families. I’m here as not only a broker owner, I’m here as somewhat of a counselor. I want to help these individuals grow. So that’s our mission here at EXiT Community Realty. Yes, our voices matter here. All of the agents at this office, and all of the agents at the Annapolis office. And we want to basically set an example for our communities and our fellow realtors in the area.