In this episode of “My Voice Matters,” we spotlight one of our very own, Gary McCory, from NFM’s Appraisal Team. Tune in to see how he uses his passion for music and his faith to help the kids in his community.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Hi, my name’s Gary McCory and I’ve been in the mortgage business for the last 30 years. I’ve been at NFM for the last 17 years. I’m currently in the appraisal department. Yeah, I’m sort of like a role model in my community. The kids call me Big Unc. They’ve know me for years, you know ever since I was young myself, always felt like, you know, everyone should be doing well. I use my entertainment business, you know, I’m in a band. I use that platform as you know something to help the kids with, as far as teaching them how to play instruments, piano, guitar you know, all the guys pitch in to help him out. You know, I get the squeezy boys, you know they’d be out there on the corner, running to your car. And if they got a bad reputation, ’cause they run to your car and try to wipe your windows you know, I take them off the street the ones that I can get that record in the studio, you know it’s hard to get getting those guys, you know, the kids are tough, but they don’t have anyone. They don’t have any recreation centers or anything until the city opened them back up. I try not to push faith or anything like that on the kids, but they need something to, you know they need something to hold on to, you know? And so I even, you know, try to get the kids in church but that’s their choice, but I just speak it to them. So, you know, I’m really involved with my community a whole lot. My voice matters because I love to help people even if I don’t have much, I will ask someone else to give and I will share it with the other folks. So I am motivated to help people with my sound. I have, I will give free shows. I will give shows I’ll have magicians for the kids, you know, whatever I can do to put a smile on someone’s face, especially people that don’t have much. If they can smile. That’s a lot. My voice matters because I love to fix things in my community.