#MyVoiceMatters​ is a platform for everyone in the NFM Family, as well as our consumers and business partners, to be heard and to share the positive impact they are making in the community. Today, we welcome DJ Dixon from Main Street Home Loans to the stage. Tune in to hear how DJ is utilizing the power of education in her volunteer work to help strengthen women who have or are currently facing adversity.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Hello, my name is DJ Dixon. I am the branch operations manager and processing team lead for Main Street Home Loans a division of NFM Lending. I’ve been in the mortgage banking industry for over 20 years. I’m actively engaged in a worldwide educational work. One of the main focuses of this work is to provide mentorship to young women. In doing so, it helps to provide them with opportunities for education to increase their knowledge on how to properly market themselves for entering the workforce. A lot of these young women have experienced various different trials, tribulations, come from broken homes, maybe victims of domestic violence. And my focus is to act more as a big sister to them and showing them that it is important to have proper education knowing how to handle their finances, the importance of having good credit and how this will impact them in their lives going forward. Another focus is to help a lot of these young women who have children. They are coming from single-parent households and understanding the importance and value of nutrition. Participating in government assisted programs to help them and how to find proper good food nutrition as well as when weather and time permits to engage in local community gardening services that are available in downtown Baltimore metropolitan area. My voice is of importance because I believe that it is only through meaningful and respectful dialogue that we will be able to navigate the turbulent waters we currently find ourselves in. My hope is that by engaging in such conversations individuals will be able to dispel ingrained prejudices and stereotypes that they may have that run generations old. It is only through such conversations that we’ll be able to gain a true understanding of our differences. Issues of racial social injustice, economic injustices, violence experience the world over as well as the issues that face us all dealing with a global pandemic are not limited to just one race. My voice matters because I am a wife, a daughter and a friend. And most importantly I am so much more than the color of my skin. I am a member of one race, the human race. Thank you.