NFM joins the conversation on inequality spearheaded by social media movements like #ShareTheMicNow, whose purpose is to magnify black women’s lives and stories. From this idea, comes our own video and social project #MyVoiceMatters which will act as a platform for everyone within the NFM Family as well as our consumers and business partners to be heard and to speak about the positive impact they are making in the community. General Counsel, LaTasha Rowe kicks off this new monthly feature explaining the program and why it is so important to the mortgage industry.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Hello, my name is LaTasha Rowe. In addition to being General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of NFM Lending, I am also a mother of four African American children. As the country continues to grapple with the impact of COVID-19 and the reopening of America, we are now faced with conversations around social injustice and racial inequality as the result of the horrific events that occurred in Minneapolis. NFM joins in campaigns such as #SharetheMicNow with its own movement, #MyVoiceMatters. NFM as a mortgage lender has an opportunity to impact underserved and minority communities and we are gonna do our job to make sure that our employees, our customers and our referral partners feel that they are being treated fairly in all experiences with our organization. My Voice Matters is going to be a platform that allows these individuals to not only voice what matters to them but to discuss what they’re doing to level the playing field. So to kick off the My Voice Matters campaign I wanna share with you that my voice matters because I am human, I am a woman and I am a minority. Without sharing my life experience with others, they will not realize that we have more in common than what separates us. My name is LaTasha Rowe and my voice matters.