Our series ‘I am NFM’ takes us behind the scenes to look at the people who make up the bedrock of this company. Branch Manager from Vienna, VA, JC Jimenez, definitely fits the bill. Born and raised in Colombia, JC came to the U.S. 25 years ago with his family for a better life. For the past seven years, he has been a major force, propelling the company to one of the tops in the mortgage industry. JC says the incredible support from NFM has furthered the mission of helping his local Hispanic community achieve homeownership.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Hi, I’m JC Jimenez. I’m the Branch Manager for the Vienna office. We also have satellite offices in New Jersey, West Virginia, and Houston. We’ve been with NFM luckily for almost seven years. I was born and raised in Columbia, and I came here initially as an exchange student when I was 14 years old, finished my high school and went on to college through Michigan State University. And that’s when I returned back to Columbia until 25 years ago, in which things were really difficult there politically and economically. Then my wife and I decided to migrate here to the US with our three daughters and we been here ever since. I’m part of the Hispanic Community and as such, you know, I understand everything that goes around the idiosyncrasies, the type of needs that the community has and how we interact with each other. Many of the people that come over here, see us like the bridge to reach out to the American dream in so many ways, why? Because many of times, you know, they are a little bit reluctant as to how they can qualify for the loan. Many of times they need multiple members of the family to qualify to buy a house, which is typical in the Hispanic group. And we help them out. We’re particularly interested in reaching out to people who are buying homes for the first time, and that’s why we’ve been most successful since we started working together. And more so now that we’re at NFM. The whole process to qualify for a loan has been made a lot easier by all the tools that we’ve been provided for the Spanish speaking population. All of those who tried to apply for a loan that do not know how to speak English, they are able to switch that over to Spanish and make it really easy for us. I think that the sole existence of that tool validates our standing in the community saying, you know, we’re here to serve our community just as well as anybody else. And that has made it a big difference for us. The quality of the human touch, you know, from upper management is outstanding. But when I knocked the doors of NFM, Dave Silverman asked me, “How do we make you successful? That’s what I’m interested in knowing.” And just that approach really captivated my attention. I said, this is an owner that is interested in us succeeding. And that is exactly the type of environment that I wanna work for. NFM is a great place. They look at exactly what your needs are, how they can help you best. Technology support from the headquarters is a given. They go beyond that, they make sure that they understand what is the most successful aspect of your activity to make sure that they reinforce it, they support it. And that’s what I have not only experienced myself, every other branch manager that I’ve spoken with have told me the same thing. They have the same feeling and when we get together we share that thankful feeling that, our contribution is appreciated and they are taking into consideration every single aspect to make us successful.