Days away from settlement, Tym and Faith Barclay were excited to settle on their new home when an issue about contractual obligations almost caused things to come to a screeching halt. With all-new furniture set to be delivered to the home, NFM Loan Originator in Charlotte, NC, Nancy Kellicut – Sr. Loan Originator sprang into action. It was a huge relief for the Barclays who had a lot of questions going into purchasing their first home, like how much their monthly payment would be and could they afford it. Nancy immediately put them at ease and walked them through the whole process. In our latest podcast, “Home Run”, Tym describes it as ultimately being easier than he imagined and how in the end, Nancy went above and beyond to save the day and their home.

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– [Greg] Welcome to another edition of Home Run: Great client experiences, a podcast by NFM TV. I’m your host Greg Sher. Joining us right now is a very happy client from Michigan, Tym Barclay, and an incredible loan officer who delivered top notch white glove service as usual it’s Nancy Kellicut. She’s out of the North Carolina office in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tym, thanks for being with us.

– [Tym] Thanks for having me.

– [Greg] We’re really happy to have you. And of course, Nancy Kellicut has been in NFM for quite some time. Nancy, good to talk to you again.

– [Nancy] You as well.

– [Greg] Tell us about this experience Tym. How did it start? And how did it end?

– [Tym] Well, me and my wife had actually been looking for a place casually for about two years, when we actually ended up meeting Shelly, who started us more hardcore looking for a house and in turn, she told us that we needed to get a hold of Nancy because she knew everything about the process and could help us with all the small details. So I actually reached out to her and we got pre approved unfortunately, I think it was a week before everything in the realtor world shut down due to the the Coronavirus, but she still kept in touch with me throughout I think the month and a half or so the realtors couldn’t do any work. And so when we got back to it, it was as if no time had actually even passed as far as the loan was concerned. She explained every bit of the process to me. She gave me a couple different ideas on what types of loans I could go through and we picked one out that was good for me and my wife. And honestly you hear the horror stories of people trying to buy houses and besides the little snafu with the seller at the very end of closing she made this process the easiest thing in the world.

– [Greg] Tym, I know you had some trepidations and concerns about the process of buying a home, what were some of those concerns?

– [Tym] A lot of my biggest concerns were about the necessary funds to start up. Because if you look online, it’s very difficult to pin down what a down payment or what closing costs are gonna look like at any given time for any given property. And Nancy just, she explained absolutely everything about the different programs, what would work best with what the funds we had and it’s so much better to actually speak with someone as knowledgeable as her than it is to try and do your own research.

– [Greg] Nancy, what’s your review of the client experience? What challenges did you run into and how did you overcome them?

– [Nancy] Well, as he said, it was in the beginning of the COVID virus, and we went from moving forward to a screeching halt. I think he was probably one of my first clients affected by that. But I just reassured him regularly and we kept moving, collecting decks and going forward. So that way when we were able to do stuff, he was pretty much ready to go.

– [Greg] In terms of qualifying for the loan, were there any glitches or any challenges that you were able to overcome? Or was it smooth sailing?

– [Nancy] It was smooth sailing for the most part. He qualified for several programs so it was just finding the best one that met his needs.

– [Greg] I understand that you ended up with a USDA loan Tym, why did you go that route?

– [Tym] Well, in discussing with Nancy my options for different types of loans, going with the USDA allowed me to go with a zero percent down payment. So that way, all of the money that we had saved up we were able to put it towards new furniture for the home. We’re actually gonna be able to put up a nice fence in the backyard so the dogs can just run around. So we could have afforded some of the others loans but with her pointing out this one, it provided us with the ability to make those last finishing touches on the house, to give us exactly what we wanted.

– [Greg] Nancy, when you go into an experience with a client and you lay out scenarios, do you go to great lengths to do that? And what are some of the different loan programs that you try and put on the table?

– [Nancy] Well, obviously, there are several programs that NFM offers. So it’s a challenge and it takes some studying, but around this area where Tym is at, they do a ton of rural development. And NFM is probably the best in the business as far as rural development programs. So that’s the way we went, even though he could have gone conventional or FHA, any of those kinds of loans.

– [Greg] And Tym, you and your wife Faith, have been married for three years, congratulations on that. You’ve been renting in Michigan and for a long time and were thinking of buying a home for 12 to 18 months, what sent you over the edge? Why did you decide to go all in?

– [Tym] Well honestly, like I said, we’d been looking for a while and then looking for a house on Zillow, we got paired up with a random agent, and that was Shelly Dixon. And honestly, I’ve worked with quite a few realtors and she was a breath of fresh air into it. She never tried to lie to me about anything in the house and she never tried to cover up those maybe dirty spots that realtors wouldn’t want you to see. There was actually a couple houses where she had been previously that she told me, “hey, you know what, you don’t even wanna go there.” So it was just between her and Nancy’s help with the loan. It was just so welcoming and easy that like it made the ability to own a home actually seem feasible instead of just like a dream.

– [Greg] You’re listening to Home Run: Great client experiences, a podcast by NFM TV. I’m your host, Greg Sher. We’ve got a happy client, Tym Barclay on the phone and also great originator Nancy Kellicut is with us from the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Tym, tell us about the home. How many bedrooms? How many baths? And what did you fall in love with about it?

– [Tym] It’s a four bedroom, two bath, two-storey house. Honestly, I don’t even know if I could pick one thing that I fell in love with. We had set up to look at four houses the day that we first visited that. It was the second on the list and the second we walked in me and my wife looked at each other and we already knew that the other two houses that day weren’t gonna matter or anything. It’s just we walked in and it just felt like home.

– [Greg] I think anyone that’s owned a home knows that feeling. I could definitely relate. So it’s you and Faith. Do you have any children?

– [Greg] No, we do not but we do have three dogs. I’m fairly certain the dogs will enjoy taking over a room for their own but we’ve got plans for a guest room and then like a craft/hobby room for the fourth.

– [Greg] That’s amazing. You’ve got a nice big home and I’m gonna give you one chance, Tym Barclay, happy client, to throw up your own personal billboard for Nancy Kellicut, why if someone’s out there looking for a home do they need to call Nancy?

– [Tym] Well, as I said earlier, she made the entire process so beyond easy. Like I said, you’ve heard all those horror stories about people searching for homes and it taking years for them to actually finally get somewhere. This was almost easier than the loan for my last car, to be honest. And in regards to the issue we had with the seller at the end, we had purchased some furniture and then it was going to be delivered but now we had to give the seller 30 days. Nancy actually out of her own pocket paid for us to get a storage facility. So she’s just the nicest, most wonderful loan originator I can recommend to anyone.

– [Greg] Oh man, those are really, really high praise words there from happy client Tym Barclay from Michigan. We really appreciate your business. We thank you for appearing on this podcast and Nancy Kellicut, I think you’ve got some people out there that wanna send you some business. So I’m gonna give your contact information now. I know you don’t mind. Nine-eight-nine is the area code, nine-five-four-zero-zero-two-zero. And your email is That’s n k e l l i c u t at n f m. That’s Nancy Frank Mary Thank you both so much.

– [Tym] Thank you for having us.

– [Nancy] Thank you.

– [Greg] Continued success. Tym enjoy the house.

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