Jessica Bisignano and her husband Ryan were moving cross-country from New Jersey to Arizona. They had developed a relationship with another lender who pre-qualified them, but when they found a home they loved, the lender ultimately said “no”. Their realtor immediately reached out to Loan Originator, Raquel Wilson with NFM Lending in Tempe, AZ who swopped in and saved the day. In this episode of Home Run, hear about a loan process that was so easy, Jessica says “it almost seemed magical”.

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– [Greg] Welcome to Home Run: Great Client Experiences a podcast by NFM TV. I’m your host, Greg Sher. Today we’re heading out west where we welcome in happy client Jessica Bisignano. Jessica, how are you?

– [Jessica] I’m well, thank you. How are you?

– [Greg] Amazing. It’s so good to hear from you cannot wait to share your story. We’ve also got Raquel Wilson, she’s a loan originator for the Western Division of NFM Lending and how are you, Raquel?

– [Raquel] Yeah, I’m pretty well, thank you so much.

– [Greg] Of course, can’t wait to hear about your involvement in this. I understand you saved the day. And then we’ve got a happy realtor on the line Angela Ruiz, who works with the Laughton team. Wanna just jump right into this Jessica, tell us about what happened with your first lender and the impact that NFM made.

– [Jessica] I had made an offer on a home, because my lender said that, you know, we were pre approved for a loan. When Angela the realtor put the offer in and communicated with that lender he said “No, she’s not pre approved.” So not only was I embarrassed, but extremely disappointed because we lost that house. And then I was introduced to Raquel at NFM and she kind of came in and did save the day because she said we were approved and we could go ahead and make offers on homes as we found them and everything went smooth after that.

– [Greg] What was your confidence level like though? Having been through that experience I would imagine that you were on pins and needles. How did she get you over that emotional roller coaster hump of having thought you had a home, and then all of a sudden you don’t and then going right back in.

– [Jessica] So she definitely immediately boosted my confidence. First of all, she let me kind of vent on the disappointment I had with the previous lender. And then she explained to me in detail the steps involved and spent a lot of time making it very clear, moving forward how things were going to go. And you know, after one conversation with her, I did feel comfortable like moving forward, we wouldn’t have any more problems.

– [Greg] Raquel, why were you so confident that you could deliver a solid approval, and how much more pressure is it for you to take a client on like that, knowing that they sort of have that chip on their shoulder?

– [Raquel] Right. So a little bit of background in regards to Jess and where she was going. So she was actually moving from a different state to Arizona. And with moving from a different state to Arizona, her employer in the state that she was moving from was not in Arizona. So not only was she trying to find a home in a different state, she was trying to look for a different job as well and so that was the biggest thing on regards to the pre qualification. Some lenders don’t know how to package a loan to where we follow agency guidelines in getting that pre qualification done and having the experience here at NFM and knowing those agency guidelines and adhering to them and coming up with a loan where the underwriter would like it. Nerves that Jess had are, you know, pretty common it happens and we just want to reiterate when there is some hope that’s lost and identify those insecurities, that anxiety and just kind of listen and let her vent and kind of, you know, keep in contact with her the whole entire time so she feels comfortable.

– [Greg] So let’s bring in the third cog in this wheel that’s Angela, the realtor from the Laughton team. A very, very well known team in the Arizona area. So Angela, what happened with that first lender?

– [Angela] So long story short, I met her in January through email. We didn’t end up meeting until I think June. So yeah, we didn’t even meet in person. She was already pre qualified, this was someone that she had worked with, I guess in the past and kind of knew them. And so once that happened, and I reached out and they said, okay, you know, this isn’t gonna work, he has to have a job already while they’re moving from a different state that’s not gonna happen. That’s when I reached out to Raquel just to see because I’ve used her obviously multiple times before, and she usually can come up with a solution.

– [Greg] Amazing. You clearly have a lot of confidence, right? You knew that your client was up against the wall, and again, had been shaken yet you had the confidence to go to Raquel and to know that she would be able to deliver for you. What is it about her? What is it about NFM Lending that gave you that confidence?

– [Angela] They just come up with really creative ideas to make things work where I feel like other lenders kinda Oh, hey, that’s just not going to work and they just stopped even trying. So I and Raquel is just really good at talking to people. I feel like she makes customers you know, comfortable, she communicates and I like to communicate too and that’s a big thing for me so I think we work well as a team. We all kind of work together the whole time.

– [Greg] Lets go back to happy client, Jessica. So you got the keys to your home, tell us about what that was like when it was all said and done and Raquel and Angela had delivered the first time you walked through that door?

– [Jessica] Well, it was a little surreal, but overwhelming in a good way, I felt just huge amounts of gratitude. I know, I couldn’t have done it myself. And I felt like really blessed and fortunate that I had, you know, come across their paths in my travels and we were able to get together as a team, because it just went so smooth and so perfect, very surreal and I am still very grateful for all their help.

– [Greg] You began the process in January 2020 and you moved in in July of 2020. So right in the midst of a pandemic, all of this is going on. How did you cope with that? How much more anxiety did that add to an already stressful situation?

– [Jessica] Well, I feel like, you know, like a steamroller, I was just kind of pushing forward, full steam ahead, full speed ahead. It was a five year plan to move from the east coast to Arizona and it took us seven years. But once the ball was rolling it, even a pandemic couldn’t stop us we were going. But it could have been a lot less smooth and it went just really well, because I had the right people in place luckily, and I’m really grateful for that.

– [Greg] You sound very grateful, congratulations on the home, we’re so happy for you. Angela, we just want to go back to you for a moment to talk about as a realtor, the climate that we’re in right now. You know, obviously a lot of people are hurting, there’s a lot of pain out there financially, unemployment still remains pretty high. However, one of the sectors that continues to flourish is the real estate sector so tell us what you’re seeing out there.

– [Angela] So it’s definitely a crazy market, you have to be competitive in your offers. You know, I would say, you know, unfortunately, deals really aren’t happening as much anymore. But you just have to have the good people in place. They have a lender who explains you know, costs and things to people, you have me who explains things and hopefully we can put a deal together, it may take a little bit longer, but people are still getting houses and I’m thankful that it’s still just as busy actually busier than before the pandemic hit.

– [Greg] I’m wondering, given the pandemic and the fact that so many people are working from home right now, how that’s changed what people are looking for.

– [Angela] Absolutely. I definitely people who have a three bedroom home now, or who live in an apartment stuff, they’re all wanting to get three or four bedrooms if they have any kids at all, because they want an extra space for a den. I’ve definitely seen that in the pool thing too, especially in the summer you know, there was nothing to do for a while other than swim at your own house. So definitely a lot of people wanting homes with pools but the extra room is a big one.

– [Greg] Well, I speak for everyone and NFM in particular the executive team in saying to all three of you how grateful we are. Thank you to all three of you and continued good health and success.

– [Angela] Thank you.

– [Jessica] Thank you.

– [Raquel] Thank you Greg.

– [Greg] Appreciate it very much, we hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Home Run: Great Client Experiences, a podcast by NFM TV. I’m Greg Sher, we’ll talk to you again next time.

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