In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we are spotlighting one of our very best branch managers, Danny Banda for this month’s episode of “My Voice Matters”. As a first-generation Mexican American, Danny has used his career and mentorship in the mortgage industry to help Latino communities achieve home ownership.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Hi, my name is Danny Banda, I’m the branch manager at Team Banda here in Glendale Arizona, and my branch is licensed in Arizona, California and Texas. I actively market to and serve the Latino Spanish speaking community in a language that they understand and feel comfortable doing business with. I’m constantly coaching my team and my peers to understand that service is king in this industry, and we have an obligation to serve our community and our demographic, which is the Latino Spanish speaking community, to pursue and obtain the American dream of home ownership. I’m also an active member of NAHREP, which is the National Association of Real Estate Professionals, which is a great nonprofit organization which is driven to educate and empower like-minded professionals like myself to do the same thing, and we’re on the same mission to help the Latino community acquire home ownership. I’m actually a first generation Mexican American, I was born and raised in a border town in Texas, and my first language was actually Spanish. And I’m only a citizen because of my parents and grandparents hard work and migration, and they actually purchased a home for our family way back in the early 80s, which they’ve actually paid off through hard work and determination. So it’s just my duty in this line of work to educate and motivate my community to do the same thing, because when families migrate to the United States and they acquire the home ownership, this turns into generational wealth, which is a great thing for their children and grandchildren. My team and myself are motivated to help our community do the same, because it’s very doable. It happens all the time, especially when you work with professionals like myself.