15 years at NFM Lending. That’s how long Mary Levinson, Branch Manager in Baltimore, MD and several other employees, have been with the company. Yesterday we celebrated their tenure during our quarterly Town Hall meeting. NFM TV caught up with Mary after the event to reflect on how it all started and her amazing ride along the way.

Full Transcript is below:

– Welcome into NFM TV, I’m your host Greg Sher and I am so delighted to bring to you Mary Sirico Levinson who just celebrated today 15 years at NFM Lending. It’s an eternity in the mortgage business, Mary, how does it feel? What’s going through your mind right now?

– It’s an exciting day. Very exciting day. It’s unbelievable to be here at NFM and see the company grow to what it has become. When I first started here 15 years ago, it was a much smaller company. We are all motivated, excited, but this company has grown to become such a family and it’s a very touching day for me. I get very emotional about it, actually. It’s an incredible day.

– Yeah, and so does David Silverman, our founder, who I know you have a very special relationship with as we watch him present your award to you and we see you two embrace. What sticks out in the 15 years? Is there a moment that comes to mind that kind of personifies how special this place is to you?

– Yes, there is. Just this morning I was actually thinking about it. The day I met David Silverman, that’s the truth. I was working at a large brokerage office running a very large team at the time, and I met him and he approached us with an idea, myself and my business partner at the time, of joining forces, coming on, taking part of my team and really running with it and that day was such a special day and I reflect on it all the time because it was really meeting him, and him, his vision, where the company was going, the direction. Really, the faith I had in him, the faith he had in himself, because I know he had his finger on the pulse in the market, as he does now, and as we all follow with all of us, in the ups and downs in this market. That day was a very special day and I reflect on it all of the time, actually.

– It paid off, clearly.

– Very much so.

– 15 years later, here you are. Congratulations again.

– Thank you so much.

– Thanks for spending a couple of minutes with us on NFM TV.

– Thank you so much.

– Alright, we’ll see you next time, thanks.