NFM TV interviews Branch Manager from Clearwater, Florida, Bill Mantooth, for an insider’s look at what being with NFM for the past two years has meant to him. Plus, you’ll hear an amazing story of how NFM’s operations came through in a pinch when another lender couldn’t, which meant new business for Mantooth and the growth of a lucrative and mutually beneficial relationship.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Welcome to another edition of NFMTV. I’m your host Greg Sher, now joined by Bill Mantooth. He is our branch manager out of central Florida, the St. Petersburg/Clearwater area to be exact. Bill, thanks for being with us.

– Absolutely. Thank you for having me, Greg. Well, it’s been a pleasure having you, not just today but for two years now at NFM. You’re a 17 year mortgage veteran, so you’ve seen a lot in your time. Tell us about the experience at NFM.

– Gosh, Greg, it’s been amazing here. Literally from day one up to now. It’s the honeymoon that a lot of people talk about, it still exists; which is great, being at a company like this from a lot of different perspectives.

– Yeah, so let’s first touch on operations and how it sizes up against the industry in your eyes, from what you have seen. I mean, operations is the most important thing when running a branch, being a loan officer, there’s really and truly nothing more important than phenomenal operations, and I’ll put us up against anybody else out there on the plant from a lender perspective. If they can’t get it done, we can make it happen.

– Yeah, then let’s talk a little bit about the P & L structure, because you are a branch manager and that can take on a lot of forms, right? You were a branch manager at another large institution.

– Right.

– What were the limitations there and how do you feel like the world opens up under the NFM P & L model?

– Sure. With having your own P & L, I’m in control of everything from start to finish when it comes to all expenses, things coming in. The best part of it all, I’m making more money as a result of having my own P & L.

– So you’re treated like an adult, is that what you’re telling me?

– I think that’s what I’m telling you.

– Yeah. So, now in terms of the ability to move, cause that’s really important today, things are changing. It’s very dynamic out there in our industry right now, between the compression and rates and technology, how would you explain NFM’s ability to be able to move quickly?

– Sure, that one for me is probably the one that I love more than anything else and I’ll give you an example, which is probably the best way to do it. Another lender, Stagecoach, messed a loan up. I got a call from a realtor. They got a one week extension. I had nine days to close the loan. We closed it in eight, with literally no problem, saved the realtor’s commission. $18,000 realtor commission and I have a new realtor as a partner now, who, by the way, does 43 million dollars a year in volume.

– Wow, that’s powerful. Thanks for sharing that story.

– Absolutely.

– That’s Bill Mantooth, branch manager in the Clearwater, Florida area and we are so happy to have him here and glad that you took a second to watch this. I’m Greg Sher, host of NFMTV. If you want to see more of our material, please just go to Thanks so much. We’ll talk to you soon.