NFM Lending CEO, David Silverman, stopped by the NFM TV studios for an interview. Silverman discussed with host, Greg Sher, about NFM’s 20 years in business, the future of the mortgage industry in terms of relationships and technology, and what the next 20 years will bring for NFM and home lending.

Full Transcript is Below:

– Welcome to a very special edition of NFM TV, I’m Greg Sher, your host, with the CEO and founder of NFM, David Silverman. 20 years NFM is celebrating, Dave, in business. That’s such a long time, congratulations on the big milestone.

– Thank you.

– What an accomplishment to have been around 20 years and gosh, things look a little bit different these days don’t they?

– First of all, we don’t get to 20 years without the amazing people that have come and gone, and mostly stayed throughout the years. So very blessed to have an amazing team, and amazing people here at NFM. Which makes the place great. You’ve been here for a number of years yourself, actually, what is it now?

– I was here–

– 15 all together?

– Yeah, 15 all together. I started at NFM in 1999. So, for second year in business.

– Yeah, so you’ve seen a lot of it.

– I’ve known you a long time. Yeah, for sure, but a lot of tendered people up and down. NFM people that have been here since day one, for the most part. We’ve got several people that have been with NFM for 18 years.

– It’s something special when you’re handing somebody a 15 or 20 year appreciation reward for being at that company. It says a lot, and I’m blown away every time that something like that comes up. Because that’s a lot of loyalty that someone’s showing you. 20 years, 15 years.

– And you’ve seen a lot of changes in those 20 years. But, safe to say, you’ve seen more changes in the last two years, than you saw in the first 18?

– It’s amazing, this industry, for the longest time, I couldn’t figure it out. Why it seemed to move so slowly in the area of technology, and now, it’s a race, it’s a technology race that’s going on. It’s a big part of NFM’s focus, we’re not gonna be left behind. I think we’re out in front in a lot of ways. Actually, embracing it, really excited about it. For those of you that are listening, if you haven’t embraced the revolution, you need to if you want to withstand this industry. Because that’s where it’s going. All about proving borrower experience, proving your back end processes with the use of technology. That’s where it’s going, eventually this cost to producers is going to get dramatically less and that’s gonna change pricing. And we’re already seeing some origin compression. People experimenting with it now in 2018. And I don’t think it’s really gonna too far away from that.

– And for the originator, as things change, what kind of advice do you have for them on how they can stay relevant in this changing environment?

– Well, if you’re a relationship originator like those at NFM are, it’s all about what you do for your client. Whether the client is a referral source, or whether it’s your actual borrower, it’s the more that you can show them that you care, and do things for them just for the sake of helping them, and making their lives better, or the process easier, or their experience better, that’s what’s gonna be the difference maker. People are gonna wanna stay with you and do business with you, whether the internet is right in the palm of their hand or not. If they have some love for you.

– And when you think about those 20 years in business, are there a couple of accomplishments, or anything that comes to mind that really sticks out as being crucial to NFM’s journey?

– That is a great question, Greg. It’s, the timing is perfect. Because I feel like 2018 is very much like 2008, and that was a pivotal moment for NFM. We decided to go all in when other company’s were going out of business, 5,000 or more companies if you remember, were going out of business at that time. And I feel like that’s where we are in 2018, there’s this massive shift and you’ve gotta be ready for the waves, because they’re on, they’re coming. And I actually am embracing the opportunity what happens in 2018 for NFM. Because amidst the turmoil, only some will survive. And we believe that we will be one of those companies.

– Well congratulations again on 20 years, David. Really appreciate your time here on NFM TV. Thanks for allowing us to build this beautiful state of the art studio incorporated in Baltimore. And we’ll talk to you soon.

– Thanks.

– All right, that’s David Silverman, CEO and founder of NFM, I’m Greg Sher, the host of NFM TV. If you want to see more of our material, go to, and we hope to talk to you soon, thanks.