The wonderful, Maria Mangual, Branch Manager in Allentown, PA discusses her passion for helping and educating underserved communities and how NFM Lending is helping her do this!

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[MUSIC] Welcome to another episode of Cafecito y Charlas [Coffee and Chats]. My name is Ana Maria Sanin. And I have the great pleasure to be part of the business development team here with NFM Lending. And at the same time, be the NFM Lending’s Brand Ambassador within the Latin market.

And today I have a very special guest, Maria Mangual. She is one of the new loan consultants who has arrived here, to the NFM Lending family. Maria, welcome.

Thanks so much, Ana. Thank you very much. A pleasure. Thanks for inviting me to Cafecito y Charlas.

Of course. Welcome. Really, I never saw the day to be able to have this time to discuss a bit about, who you are. And well, why the NFM Lending family? Let’s start. First of all, Maria, you are in the Pennslyvania area, right? In Allentown.

You’re in the new office here at NFM. It’s opening up in this specific town. So, I understand that you are the Branch Manager of this new location, right?

That’s correct, Ana. Thank God I have the opportunity of now forming a part of the NFM Lending family. I am very content, very content, very thankful for the welcome given to me. I’m super satisfied.

We’ll be opening an office here in the state, May, next month, if God’s willing. And I’ll be the Branch Manager of that office. I’m super content, super happy for the opportunity that NFM Lending has given me and all the support they have given me and also the welcome I received.

How nice. I’m happy. And well, you know, as we’ve told you and you’ve realized, we are a family here at NFM Lending and we wouldn’t do it any other way. Well, Maria, let’s not talk that much.

I first want you to tell us a bit about yourself. I want our viewers and the local Allentown audience to get to know a bit more about who Maria Mangual is and why or how you entered the industry. Tell us. OK. Well, look, Ana, Nothing. Lots of people here in Lehigh Valley know me. My name is Maria Mangual, a servant to the community. Here, I’ve done many, many things for the community here in Lehigh Valley. I have two children. One graduates, thank God, from the University of Pennsylvania, this coming May.

I have another who made me a grandmother. A little six-month-old grandson. Because of them, I started off in this business almost 20 years ago. I have a Bachelor’s in Accounting. I began to work in accounting, but since I had a little girl, I had to look for other alternatives and I began as a loan processor.

And from there or two years later, I was made a loan officer and that’s how I started my career as a loan officer in the bank mortgage world.

Wow. Excellent, excellent, Maria. Good. And really, that our children, naturally, are our inspiration most of the time, and are the reason we take certain paths or not. How nice, Maria. Maria, and have you always been located in the Allentown area? Tell us a bit about where you have lived. Well, look, I began my career in the state of New Jersey. Obviously, I have the original license in the state of New Jersey. I work in New Jersey and I work here in Pennsylvania. I have been here approximately 15 years, in the state of Pennsylvania, in the Lehigh Valley area.

Very content. That’s why a lot of people know me. I worked in a hospital. I have done conferences for women. I didn’t only dedicate myself to mortgages in the banking world. But, also helping other women who are in difficulty.

I like that. It really worries me. Same as when I do loans for people, it gives me great, great satisfaction to be able to help our people, to those people who think that they can’t buy a home because they don’t have the resources or they don’t know where to go. That is a big satisfaction, to be able to help people who unfortunately aren’t well-educated in the world of what is buying a home and to give them that satisfaction. And giving that satisfaction is what fulfills me and what I’m most passionate about with regards to my work.

Wow, Maria. Really, you are definitively a Latina woman, an inspiration for women. I congratulate you for what you’re doing. With that answer you just gave us, and mentioning a little bit about what is being done in the community, hospitals, doing workshops, educating women to be able to be homeowners and to be able to start to create wealth. Right? For them, by way of buying a home. Tell us a bit about other ways and what organizations, if you belong to some, what organizations are you involved with?

Look, I’m involved with the Chamber of Commerce here in Lehigh Valley. It’s really good to be involved with these associations, because you are more on top of everything that’s happening in the community. All the need that our community has. Not just on the subject of buying a home., but other areas.

Many resources, that I like to be able to help out with in the community like food banks, food banks to help people who have less, providing a little bit of what they need.

How nice.

I really like to get involved with the community. I really like to help our community. Because definitively, what you give God gives it back to us in another way.

So that’s it.

For example, I get a huge satisfaction by helping our community, for any person who needs, being in any environment, we are there to help

So that’s it. Excellent, Maria. And well, when we have the opportunity, I would love to become part of one of the events that you are a part of. Of course. To go visit you, of course. Good, Maria. Before I let you go, I want our viewers to know a bit more about you on a personal level.

We now know you are a grandmother. Congratulations. You have two beautiful children.

Very content with that. Very happy. It’s my first little grandchild. He is seven months now. It’s funny, because at one of my seminars, I also give seminars for first-time buyers. At one of my seminars, August 28th of last year, was the day my grandson was born.

I went to the hospital, went back, gave my seminar, educated people, shared that great excitement of being a first-time grandma with this group of people, and they still follow me. They follow me and are loyal to me. And through this media, I want to thank all my clients, my whole community, for all those years of service and support that they have given me during my years in a mortgage loan career.

How nice. How good, Maria. Really, you are a woman who fights. Not just professionally, but mom, grandma, with a big heart. Definitively you are an immense and a great addition that we have here, now, with NFM in the Pennsylvania area. Pennsylvania, sorry. I’m thinking in English and Spanish.


[INAUDIBLE] a lot.

But look Maria, one more little thing. Before we go to the personal level, And sorry that I forgot. Tell us, what opportunities are there, at this moment, for other loan professionals in the Allentown area, once you have that branch available?

Obviously, by way of this video, I want to tell everyone, specifically loan officers, that we have job opportunities for you. You can call me at 4 8 4-4 3 3-1 3 3 9. If you want to change your job, there are opportunities for new people too.

It doesn’t matter. We won’t discriminate. People who are beginning to come into the business too. The important thing is to know, we are here to serve. Loan Officers who are looking for work, you can give me a call. And we have this opportunity for everyone who wants to come into the real estate business world and mortgage loans.

How great. Excellent. Well, Maria. OK, now, tell us a bit about yourself. I’ll ask three questions. Answer the first thing that comes to mind. First, what inspires you?

Passion. I am a very passionate woman. My children, my community inspires me to help people. The biggest satisfaction when you have a home, is to see a happy family.

Excellent. Excellent. OK. Second: Tell me, what places are on your list to visit?


Europe. OK. Me too.


Cool. Good, Maria. I don’t know if you want to add anything else. From my side, I think I already asked what I would love our viewers to know about you. Some little thing that you want to add? Well, nothing. I want to thank you, Ana Maria. Thanks for having me here on Cafecito y Charlas. I want to thank my community, I want to thank all those clients who have always supported me and have given me their encouragement.

They have always been with me, following me loyally. I want to thank the realtors who don’t let me down, who are always there for me, and that it’s with pleasure and pride, I am super content, really thankful for NFM Lending, for giving me the opportunity to be here with you.

I’m super content. I couldn’t be more content. I believe that this spot is very, very important for me, since I can give service to the community, service to my clients as I like to do it. So, thanks to all my friends, May God bless you and I love you so much.

Of course, Maria. And thanks so much to you. You’ve just listened to Maria Mangual in Allentown, Pennsylvania. We just gave her a welcoming. Thanks so much for watching this video.

And we’ll see you on the next episode of Cafecito y Charlas. Until next time. Ciao.

A kiss.

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